If you're going through hell, keep going.
Tallying the Obama Disaster

Jim Mattis confirmation hearing - we face greatest threat since WW2, US military not ready

This is Mad Dog's confirmation hearing.

For more than a year now I've been writing about Jim Mattis and President-elect Trump.

It's critical that Australia understands the dynamic between these two men.

We have Buckley's of that happening under Turnbull, Payne and Party Girl.

As I wrote in January last year, Trump has an intuitive feel for the relationship between a General and Commander in Chief.

Mattis's appointment as the civilian chief of the military is the right man at the right time.

Under Obama Climate change was public enemy No 1.

Jim's a bit different from the weathermen.

Hard as nails.
Smart as paint.
Better read than men of letters.
Afraid of no one.
And proud. Very, very proud.

Loved by his men.
Hated by his enemies.
And given the highest honour Obama could deliver.
The order of the boot.

Jim Mattis is good news for modern man.