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Turnbull's Sheik Shady dinner cost $33,000 - the insult to Australia will last forever

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6a0177444b0c2e970d01b8d1f87935970cHere are the financial costs of Turnbull's dinner with the death-cult Sheik and Mufti.

The damage to Australia is priceless.

The Mufti's support for the Sheik stands.

The Mufti's repudiation of Australia's PM stands.

Turnbull's failure to condemn the Mufti condemns Turnbull.

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$5,800 for Turnbull's staff to fly in and stay in hotels.

$800 in flowers.

$18K in halal catering and marquee.

But the real damage to Australia is not financial.

That came some days later.

First Turnbull clumsily had a shot at Sheik Shady for the Sheik (and Islam's) exhortations to murder homosexuals and adulterers.

Then the Sheik shot back.  And was backed up by the Mufti.

According to them, people who criticise the Sheik's views are the terrorists.

Sheik Shady right.  Australia wrong.

I said then Turnbull had to denounce the Mufti's public statement.

But he did not.

Weak.  A pushover.

And we will pay the price.

Read all about it.  You will be angry.

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