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Queensland's Labor/AWU/CFMEU Government making life easy for union cheats

Video - Shadow AG Mark Dreyfus QC wilfully breaks law he's sworn to uphold

It doesn't get much clearer.  Thanks to Bill Thompson for the video.


And as many readers have pointed out - this bloke has form.

Don't you know who I am? By the time the plane landed, Qantas had withdrawn its complaint.

I have had so many notes from outraged readers on this story today - I know it was posted much earlier today on other sites, but if you've not seen it you may wish to let us all know how you feel here.

Police called after Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus fails to turn off his phone on Qantas flight

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QANTAS called the Australian Federal Police to deal with federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus after he failed to turn off his mobile phone during a flight.

The AFP confirmed today that it had received a request for assistance from the airline during the Sydney to Brisbane flight on April 23.

Officers met the plane when it landed at Brisbane Airport.

Qantas staff had told one of the country’s top lawmakers to stop using his phone during the flight for fear it could interfere with the aircraft’s systems.

But he refused and the airline staff called for help from the AFP mid-flight.

“The AFP has been advised of an alleged incident on board a flight from Sydney to Brisbane on 23 April 2013,” an AFP spokesman said.

“The incident involved a passenger allegedly failing to comply with the directions of crew.”

But when the aircraft landed the airline had withdrawn its complaint

“The AFP responded to a request for assistance from the airline when the flight landed at Brisbane Airport,” the AFP spokesman said.

“On arrival the airline advised no assistance was required.”

The Attorney-General's Office has confirmed the incident happened.

Subject for group discussion, "Do you have friends in high places to help with the get out of jail free card?"