The Philippines confirms what I reported to DFAT last June - Islamic State in contact
Dave Oliver leaves ACTU "to spend more time with the family"

We can't always be in "Charge!!!!!" mode.

The Royal Navy Gun Run - a central element of the Royal Tournament and often part of the ceremony of Beating the Retreat.

There is no better example of preparation, training and teamwork. 

One of the great military ceremonies is Beating the Retreat.

Not Celebrating the Victory. Nor the Charge.  Beating the Retreat.

It's the sensible thing to do from time to time.

Here's reader Gerry of Mentone. 

We must all contribute to the Common Good, as our gifts and circumstances allow. I pray that you be free to pursue your duty to completion, but trusting always that we are not masters of the earthly outcomes. 

So I respectfully append James MacAulay’s poem to Bob Santamaria, Retreat, in case you like to be reminded of it.

Come into yourself a while,
Be deaf to outer cares;
Ask not who wins, who fall, who rages,
Or what each doubtful sign presages,
Or what face treachery wears.

Soon you must return to tasks
That sicken and appall:
The calumnies will never cease,
Look only to the sign of peace,
The cross upon the wall.

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