Bill Shorten, Kimberley Kitching and the private jet. "Dick, Cuba and Argentina look nice".
Grant Hackett arrested by Gold Coast police - video on the way to the watch house

75 years ago today Singapore fell to the Japanese. Lest We Forget what they did.


"A hospital ward in Singapore showing members of the 8th Division released from the Changi Prisoner-of War camp at Singapore. All were suffering from malnutrition. Nearest Camera T. Chiplin of Cardiff, S. Wales, F. V. Wart of London, Pte. A. J. Campbell of Hay, N.S.W., Sgt. J. A. Damen of Leidergara, N.S.W., Pte. G. W. Rogers of Scarborough, England, Sgt. W. J. Brown of Wales, G. C. Twysel of Java. AUSTRALIAN OFFICIAL PHOTO). " (Official caption supplied by the Department of Information Photographer: 1945.) Suggested alternative identifications of people and place were previously added to this caption. They have been removed as they conflict with the original 1945 identifications and are unverifiable.


Surrender - on this day 75 years ago

We were absolutely flabbergasted. I can remember the reactions from various fellows: some of them just swore, some of them threw things about, some of them were just silent and shocked.
Captain Ray Steele, 2/15th Field Regiment

For the many thousands forced to surrender, the experience was bewildering. The chance to fight had been denied. Pride in their fighting abilities had abruptly turned to frustration and anger, or simply the inability to comprehend. Thoughts of friends and family were never far away, and hopes of reunion gave many men and women the strength to go on. The following years would become a fight for survival.

AWM 134903




Lest We Forget.