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NSW RSL Council agree to stand down - but only if charges against them are withdrawn

The NSW RSL chiefs have agreed to stand aside while a caretaker administration is appointed - but if and only if the charges against them are withdrawn.

Great work, guts plus from the fighting men who've already authorised $100,000 of their members money being spent on their legal defence.  A legal defence against the investigation of allegations they've been spending members money on themselves.

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Dear Members,

I have been asked by the State President to update sub-Branch members on the current situation with RSL National.

Yesterday State Council passed the attached resolutions in an attempt to resolve the dispute with the National Executive and ensure that an independent investigation into allegations that have been made can proceed without delay. Under the proposal that has been made to the National Executive:

  • RSL NSW State Council will voluntarily stand aside on an interim basis pending the results of a Board of Inquiry into allegations of financial misconduct;
  • Major General David MacLachlan AO will be appointed as caretaker of the NSW State Branch to act in all matters on behalf of the State Councillors during this period; and
  • the National Executive will withdraw all charges against RSL NSW.

We are waiting for confirmation from the National Executive that all charges against RSL NSW have been withdrawn so that the caretaker can be appointed.

RSL NSW State President, Mr John Haines AM, said: "We are committed to a full and frank investigation into the allegations which have been made so that our members can have complete confidence in the integrity of those elected to represent them.

To this end RSL NSW has resolved to establish a Board of Inquiry and the investigation being undertaken by KordaMentha will be a key input into this inquiry."

"The NSW State Council will co-operate fully with the inquiry," he said.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff O'Brien
Chief Operations Officer
Assistant State Secretary

The Returned and Services League of Australia (NSW Branch)
245 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 8188


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