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Prime Minister Netanyahu welcome to Australia! From lovers of democracy and freedom.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Singapore on his way to Australia.

A couple of days ago some schmucks ganged up and put their names and fancy titles to an awful letter trying to make out that Prime Minister Netanyahu is unwelcome in our country.

In my opinion nothing could be further from the truth.

I don't have a fancy title.  I pride myself on that.  But I do speak with and I hope for the countless decent Australians who see Israel as a beacon of democracy, guts and hope for the Middle East and civilisation.

So Prime Minister welcome to Australia.


Michael Smith - former lance-corporal


PS - I hope my readers will simply drop in a comment in support of this message. Just your name, first name only if you like and something that matches the pretensions of the self-important in their message of unwelcome!