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The Human Rights Commission is the new authority on Top Gun fighter pilot selection

Gillian Triggs's Human Rights Commission has an annual budget of $36,000,000.00.

Tony Abbott says we should get rid of the HRC.  He's right.

The Federal Budget papers tell us:

The Australian Human Rights Commission (the Commission) is Australia’s national human rights institution that provides independent and impartial services to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms, and address discrimination.

The Commission works to build understanding of and respect for rights in our community. Its role is to conduct education and awareness-raising about rights and responsibilities, contribute to the prevention of discrimination and human rights breaches within society, and provide access to justice in relation to alleged discrimination and breaches of human rights.

The Commission has identified three strategic priorities for 2015–19 of tackling violence, harassment and bullying; working with business to improve productivity and promote best practice in respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms; and building awareness of rights and freedoms across the community and encouraging a culture of respect and responsibility that values dignity.

They can't have too much work on because they're diversifying.

Triggs has 111 staff.  One of them is the Kate Jenkins.  Kate was appointed Sex Discrimination Commissioner after Turnbull intervened to can Tony Abbott's choice in 2015.


Not only is Kate Jenkins a sexual discrimination guru.

Kate is also the last word on Top Gun Fighter Pilot selection.

Since 1992 women have been treated equally with men as applicants for selection as fast jet pilots.

Same standards, same course, all they have to do is pass.

None have made it.

Gillian and the Girls Brigade couldn't have that.

In January 2015 they popped over to Defence with a proposal to review the whole process of fighter pilot training and selection.

Their aim?  "To discover the cultural barriers women face in trying to be fast jet pilots in the RAAF".   

All based on the belief that it must be a boy's club where women are excluded on purpose.

Check the terms of reference - there's nothing about physiology, testosterone, aggression, killer-instinct, psychology, in fact nothing at all that looks at whether or not we're actually getting the best fighter pilots.

I'd have hoped the question that should be answered daily is do we have the best fighter pilots and the highest standards.

Ours must be always better than our enemies and ready to take the fight up to them.

But in the post-Gillard era with Turnbull at the helm we don't get that.

Just a search for excuses as to why none of them are women.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.34.47 am

After Defence gave the Human Rights Commission the nod to go ahead with the project the RAAF faced just on 18 months of clipboard wielding Girls' Brigade sticky-beaks.

The "what about cultural barriers for women jet fighter pilots" inquiry generated the meetings, letters, emails, requests and general busy-bodying reflected in this log of activities.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.52.16 am

Last year Defence received this "groundbreaking, seminal report".


What did it find?

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.55.50 am

 "Action is needed on a number of structural and cultural fronts to remediate the problem".  You know, the problem.

The problem that dare not speak its name but which can only be remediated with more interference from the activist tut-tutters at the Human Rights Commission.

The true purpose of this social engineering exercise is revealed in Jenkins's cover letter.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.54.34 am

I look forward to collaborating with you as the Air Force builds on its positive reforms to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

I hope the generals tell the human rights commission to go jump.

I want the ADF to be a potent lean mean killing machine.

War is an ugly business. But for us invasion and takeover is worse.

I want hard, decisive warriors who will close with our enemies and kill them without hesitation.

Good luck with getting that to go hand in hand with diverse and inclusive.

To get a hard-nosed, high-morale team of the world's best warriors ready to kill our enemies people with CVs like this should be infrequent visitors - and our warriors should be protected from them.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 8.43.18 am

 PS - If you have ever worked with a fighter pilot (yes I'm thinking of you Bruce Mouatt) you will understand the role of ego in the job.
A fighter pilot killed in action finds himself in heaven.  He's ascended to a mess full of former colleagues  - all breasting the bar and talking about dog fights with their two hands (right is always us the good guys) showing the positions of the aircraft in various manoeuvres. 
He does the rounds of the room, and knows just about everyone - except for one visitor to the mess sitting at the end of the bar and watching in rapt attention.
"Who's that bloke?" he asks an old mate.
"Oh him?  We let him visit.  That's God, he only thinks he's a fighter pilot".