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Trans-everything toy-general-doll Morrison (ICB sold separately) wants Anzac Day for domestic violence

This bloke is beyond laughable.  What's he want?  A march, Australian flags, bands and a saluting point?

From The Australian.

Anzac tribute for domestic violence victims


David Morrison has proposed an Anzac Day-like remembrance event for domestic violence victims.
  • The Australian

David Morrison, former army chief and Australian of the Year, has suggested an Anzac Day-like event for domestic violence victims, likening them to fallen servicemen and women. 

“We pause every year, twice a year, on the 25th of April and the 11th of November, as we should to think about the sacrifice made by soldiers, sailors — those men and women whose names sit on the roll of honour at our Australian War Memorial,” he said in an opening speech at the National Family Violence Summit in Canberra.

“That act of remembering their sacrifice makes us who we are today, and we need to pause, I think, at least on one day of the year to think about millions of Australians who have had almost no say, whose potential, whose aspirations, have been squandered as a result of domestic violence.”

He said the nation needed such days for the “great national cause”, rather that “just pausing when there is a horrible act of domestic violence or the sentencing of a perpetrator”.