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Turnbull refuses to condemn Lakemba Mosque Friday tirade against Israel and "unacceptable" Australia

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Here's an Australian church service in an Australian tax-free place of worship.

The video is published by the Lebanese Muslim Association - another tax-exempt heavily government funded religious charity group.

Lakemba Mosque’s Imam Sheik Yahya Safi delivered the sermon yesterday - in Arabic, the language of the Koran.  If you speak Arabic, the Sheik starts about 40 minutes in after the wailing stops.

And he used all of those tax exempt religious facilities to hammer Israel, PM Netanyahu and Australia's "unacceptable" approach to Israel.

Now if Pauline Hanson, Corey Bernardi or another public figure got stuck into Muslims the way this bloke got stuck into Israel, Netanyahu and Australia, Turnbull would be racing out of the blocks to  condemn them.  So what's he said about the poisonous Sheik?

No comment.  Malcolm stand up to them.  Make it uncomfortable for them to preach hate.  Or get out of the way and let someone who can run the show


Lakemba imam criticises closer trade links between Australia and Israel

Despite a raft of lucrative opportunities for Aussie exporters — including tighter links agreed between Mr Netanyahu and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday — Lakemba Mosque’s Imam Sheik Yahya Safi said the PM’s visit was unacceptable to the Muslim community .

Speaking in Arabic to a packed mosque during his Friday sermon, Sheik Safi condemned Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s description of Israel as the region’s only democracy, claiming it had hurt Islamic nations from the moment of its founding.

It had a “black path” then and still did now, he said.

He said Mr Turnbull’s welcome was seen as incomprehensible and unforgiveable to the Muslim community, saying: “We as a community would like to express our disappointment in the Turnbull government and its unacceptable response to Israel.”

Earlier this week, Mr Netanyahu met with his Australian counterpart and indicated his nation was keen to do more trade with Australia.

“I think the opportunities are vast,” he said. “Our trade is a billion dollars. It should be at least double or triple that.”

Mr Turnbull’s office declined to comment on Sheik Safi’s remarks.

 Mr Netanyahu is the first Israeli leader to visit Australia.
The Mohammedans lapped it up.
Mohammad Kourouche Well delivered khutbah Sheikh Yahya Safi , jazakallahkheir for addressing community issues so eloquently 👍
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Tareck El Sankari Best ever khutba I've ever witnessed you deliver Sheikh Yahya Safi Berek Allah Fik.