Julie Bishop, a woman who defends her culture & civilisation did this. Why won't you?
Julie Bishop's friends in Iran sentence 19 year old conscript to death for insulting the prophet

After redefining "misogyny" to suit Gillard, the Left's current target is "racist" - to apply only to whites

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According to Sky News regular Dee Madigan, only white people can be racist.

That's crap.

English gives us a huge range of expression.

But English - like any language - only works for us if we respect it and use it properly.

If Dee wants to talk about racism combined with political power - then do that.

But give us a break from the fake-words made up to create fake-news.

Yes English evolves over time.

But the Left has history here of political activism through using emotion charged words improperly for effect - not meaning.

There was no justification for providing Gillard with cover through the politically motivated change to the definition of misogyny to accommodate Gillard's grasping efforts to stay in power.

Here's a gleeful Fairfax announcing another perceived achievement arising from Gillard's speech in support of Peter Slipper's right to call female genitals "mussels in a bottle".



Misogyny definition to change after Gillard speech

 OCTOBER 17 2012
Prime Minister Julia Gillard's fiery speech about sexism and misogyny has even forced the word watchers to take note.

The Macquarie Dictionary has announced it is broadening the definition of the word "misogyny".

As it stands, the reference book says misogyny is a hatred of women, the kind that's pathological.

But editor Sue Butler says it's time that changed to reflect what Ms Gillard really meant last week when she accused Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of sexism and misogyny during a speech to parliament.

Not that he needs a session on the psychiatrist's couch, but that he merely has an "entrenched prejudice against women".

That will be the official second definition in the next updated edition of the dictionary.

How can we communicate truthfully to each other if words can mean what whatever.

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Why does Sky News and Paul keep presenting activists as "commentators".