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You may remember Senator di Natale from his $3.75 per hour advertisement for an "extra pair of hands to entertain the lads".

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Today he was being taken seriously by the Press Club in Canberra.  Go figure.

Amongst other things he shared his proudest moment - this from The Australian just now.

Di Natale’s proudest moment

Greens leader Richard Di Natale gives the podium to Nada Kalam to address the National Press Club in Canberra. Picture: Kym Smith
  • The Australian

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has labelled his party’s walkout on Pauline Hanson’s “hateful” first speech one of his “proudest moments” and invited a young Muslim woman on stage at the National Press Club to share her story, who warned her right to exist was “constantly under fire”.

In his first address to the club since the election, Senator Di Natale declared it was not “our people” who were broken but “our system” and urged Australians to embrace a “path that is based on love and compassion, not on hatred and division”.

As he hit out at the One Nation leader, who he called a “bigoted woman attacking Muslims”, he said his speech was not for the nation’s influencers and decision-makers but for young people “being screwed right over now and see their future being ripped away”.

“I have to say one of my proudest moments was leading the team out of the Senate in response to Pauline Hanson’s hateful first speech. It was a gesture of protest, a gesture of resistance in the nation’s parliament,” Senator Di Natale said.


And you've got to hand it to Eric Abetz!

Loony Greens deliver delusional spiel
Published: Wednesday, 15 March 2017 13:51
Greens Leader Richard Di Natale’s address to the National Press Club today delivers a scary insight into the mindset of the Australian Greens who would be a key part of any Shorten Labor Government.

“Senator Di Natale’s bizarre address to the National Press Club would have been better programmed during the Loony Tunes hour. His speech was delusional, out of touch and dangerous,” Senator Abetz said today.

“The Greens proposal to shorten the working week to four days would have a devastating impact on the Australian economy and its productive capacity. Indeed, I’m not sure how Senator Di Natale intends on funding his socialist health, education and foreign aid proposals with a dramatically reduced revenue base.”

“The Green’s acrobatic performance was also on full display, for example:

Senator Di Natale says political donations are corrupt – unless it’s the largest political donation in Australian history, from Graeme Wood to the Australian Greens, or the union bosses’ donations to the Australian Greens.
Senator Di Natale says we need ‘deliberative democracy’ to put Australian people at the centre of democracy yet opposes a plebiscite on marriage.
Senator Di Natale calls anyone who opposes 18C a racist yet supports Palestine where women and minorities are brutally murdered.”
“It’s also disappointing that Senator Di Natale avoided addressing the serious questions about the Greens’ suitability to be a part of a Shorten Minority Government.”

“I am pleased that more and more Australians are finally becoming alert to the scary and delusional policy agenda of the Australian Greens,” Senator Abetz concluded.