Send Angelos and Sky News a message about sacking Latham - the Left certainly has
Julie Bishop, a woman who defends her culture & civilisation did this. Why won't you?

The Guardian's Hadley Freeman - misogyny & frustrated masculinity cause terrorism, not Islam


Hadley Freeman writes in The Guardian today with the key to understanding terrorism - here it is.

The problem isn’t Islam, or a perverted interpretation of Islam, but rather a perversion of frustrated masculinity.

Perhaps HR or concerned friends might have a chat with Ms Freeman who reports - unsolicited - that she is "looking forward to more men screaming" at her over her contribution.


Ms Freeman, after these urges to have more men scream at you have passed, perhaps you might see Islam and terrorism differently.

Why not start with some of these oppressed sisters, victims of "the problem" of frustrated masculinity and misogyny.