Travelling today - posts fairly light
Turnbull's diminishing stature

The past couple of days

Life since Friday morning has been surreal.

I was travelling Friday to meet up with our legal advisor regarding the pending private prosecutions in Australia (that conference will continue until midday tomorrow - thus far fruitfully).

On Friday about midday I received some information about a major security concern with my computer and online accounts.  I was advised not to post anything online, including emails, twitter, Facebook, the lot.  You can imagine the disruption.

But perhaps you can't imagine the isolation on hearing the news that Bill Leak was dead.  To be cut off from you as the news was sinking in has been just awful.

I know how much Bill Leak meant to so many of you.  He made me feel like I was on the side of the good guys.  I still can't read some of the simply awful, dreadful things being written about him and his legacy.  I'll have more to say about Bill tomorrow.

My computer and online accounts have been thoroughly vetted and reconstructed today.  Thank you to the readers who helped me out with that job.  It's just an awful feeling thinking prying eyes have been poking around in our stuff!

The legal conferencing continues until midday my time - 3PM Sydney time tomorrow.  Ralph Blewitt is off to see the WA Police later in the week and we'll keep you posted about developments there.