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The path that led to a 19 year old Melbourne man plunging a knife between a policeman's eyes.

This is Senior Constable Daniel Yeomans of the Victoria Police.


(Photo from the Police Association of Victoria)

On 18 November last year Senior Constable Yeomans and his wife went to bed, safe and sound in their own home.

Daniel wake up to horrifying screams coming from their kitchen.

He recognised his wife's voice and ran to her.

It was 1.45AM.  His kitchen, his home - and 19 year old Jade HUNIA was in it with a knife in his hand.

Yesterday the Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard HUNIA plead guilty to "recklessly" causing serious injury to Daniel, common assault, car theft and entering a building with intent to steal. After a plea deal and prosecutors had withdrawn more serious charges.

Senior Constable Yeoman's statement to investigating police was released by the court yesterday.

"(Hunia) had his right hand above his shoulder with the knife in his hand, blade pointing towards me," 

"He launched at me and punched me with the knife once on my face. I felt he punched me in the forehead.

"I stepped back and felt blood on my face. I looked down, blood was dropping on the floor.

"I looked up and saw the knife in his hand. 

He said 'Where are your keys?' 

I said 'On the bench.' "

This is Jade HUNIA in a photo he posted 2 days before the home invasion and knife attack that could have killed Daniel Yeomans.

Hunia 14 November 2017

Hunia published details of his life leading up the attack, it's still there today on his Facebook page.

On 26 August, 2016, two and a half months before he plunged a knife into Daniel Yeoman's forehead, HUNIA had cause to celebrate what he called "My Day One".  

It was a new beginning, but not too new.  Just so there was no confusion HUNIA wrote "Fuck The Police".

His friend Malik Mulipola added "This is the way we like to live life, a thrill Nigga".

"Love you too," replied Hunia of their photo together in a toilet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.31.22 pm

On 6 October 2016, just over a month before the attack, HUNIA was cruising in someone's ride.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.29.33 pm

A friend commented, "I can only see one c*nt with a licence, and he ain't in the front seat".

On 9 October HUNIA gave us what in retrospect is a horrifying insight into what amuses him.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.53.59 pm


On Monday 10 October HUNIA was feeling like the devil, wetting himself laughing.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.58.57 pm


A friend said, "They were meant to be everywhere on Saturday night, I couldn't find one".

HUNIA, "Hahaha, they're useless".

Exactly one month before he launched at Daniel Yeomans with a knife, HUNIA partied.

"Me no love all those pretty boy antics", he said of this photo.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.36.55 pm

The next day HUNIA didn't want the party to end.



Then nothing.

For more than a week.

Until we get the explanation - and the decision that could have cost Daniel Yeomans his life.

On 24 October, just 3 weeks before HUNIA stole the Yeoman's sense of security in their home, he was out.  Again.    


HUNIA has 2,556 friends on Facebook.  Support for him flooded in.  Hardly the "marginalised disaffected youth excluded from society".

The theme of most messages was, "Stay out this time.  Stay out of trouble this time. Take care of yourself."

On 28 October 2016 HUNIA was in court, as he told the world.pastedGraphic_7.png 

104 people sent messages of love supporting him.  He had pages of supportive messages.

He posted this photograph of himself dressed for his appearance.  I'll spare you his accompanying commentary.


And it did go well - if you consider that a man capable of what HUNIA did should have been out.  On bail.  Because that's what happened.

On 4 November, just two weeks before he broke into Daniel Yeoman's home with the intention of committing further serious offences once he got in, HUNIA was on top of the world.


By the next day happy wasn't enough.


And the day after kicking on was top of mind.


Kick-ons, that is, until the hangover kicked in.

Later that night he changed his status update to "sick" with the commentary "Never again".

He should have taken his own advice.

Or the advice and support from family and friends numbering in the hundreds.

On 12 November 2016 he posted his last message to Facebook declaring his love for his other half.


A few days later he stabbed Daniel Yeomans between the eyes.

He was charged with doing it intentionally.

In a plea deal that charge was reduced to recklessly launching himself at Daniel Yeoman, after breaking into Yeoman's house while armed with a knife at 1.45AM.  And all of that happened while he was on bail for previous offences.

Dan Yeoman's dad is also a copper.

Detective Senior Sergeant David Yeomans spoke to the media after his son's attack.

"The recovery is going to long and arduous, they're traumatised - with concern mostly for their children".

"Physically the injuries will heal, emotionally will take a lot longer".

I know 3 people who've had home or car invasions in Victoria in the past few months.

The place is out of control.

HUNIA will get out of gaol.

But he has taken something from the Yeoman's family that is gone forever.