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VIDEO - Ogling O'Connor puts people first. Except for "one old bloke with a GoPro".

One day this week the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance failed to send Canberra Press Gallery operatives to play their part in the Labor spin cycle.

It's so hard to find good help.


Thanks David Sharaz for that enlightening video.

Last June, O'Connor was happy to pose for Melbourne constituent Bill Thomson at Southbank.

That is until he realised what Bill wanted to talk about.  

His face says it all the moment Bill utters the word "ogling".


Brendan gets upset when the MEAA operatives don't front to hear him.

Bill Thomson goes out of his way to give Brendan an outlet.

Brendan "puts people first".

He is a passionate advocate for social justice and the people of Western Melbourne.

Except for "one old bloke with a GoPro" outside the ABC studios.

This is from last November.

Part One  O'Connor - man of the people - spots Bill and won't exit the limo, won't wind down the window and definitely won't risk being courteous.  O'Connor drives off as Bill says, "Can you believe this shit?"


In Part Two, O'Connor having lapped the block awaiting ABC security staff (triple time and a half penalty for Sunday) to open the security door to the Safe Space underground car park.  Time is ticking and Barrie Cassidy waits for no one.  

So Brave Brendan has no choice but to cross the road and run the risk of Bill saying hello.

Having treated Bill with absolute contempt on the way in - you'd hope perhaps on the way out he might have said hello once the pressure of his appearance was off.

What was I thinking?

The lousy bastard waited - on the phone with the limo driver - until our limo paid for by us was pulling up.

And all to avoid Bill.

Here's O'Connor avoiding Bill with extreme prejudice in the centre of Melbourne one month earlier.

Maybe if Bill Thomson was younger with good legs in a skirt Brendan might have given him a bit more attention.


Irony, thy name is Ogling O'Connor.

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