Turnbull/Bishop hand out $500M new overseas aid in past 8 weeks - make Rudd/Gillard look responsible
No need for 18C or vilification laws - the ABC has solution - retract,apologise and delete - problem solved.

"Lest We Forget" is a registered Trade Mark. It's protected by laws to stop people like Magied.


Overnight the ABC issued a statement to The New Daily online publication and other media are apparently being referred to this article by the ABC.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.28.44 am

The ABC won’t take any action against Yassmin Abdel-Magied after the Muslim activist sparked outrage with an Anzac Day Facebook post asking Australians to also remember those on Manus Island, Nauru, Syria and Palestine.

The host of the ABC’s weekend program Australia Wide felt the wrath of social media users after posting: “Lest We Forget (Manus. Nauru. Syria. Palestine)”.

A spokesperson for the public broadcaster said the “part-time presenter” was also engaged in other activities that did not relate to the organisation.

“Her views and opinions in that capacity are her own and do not represent those of the ABC,” the spokesperson told The New Daily.

The ABC appears to have forgotten about its own social media policy.

Firstly, she made her post on Facebook - which brings into into the coverage of the policy.   

Secondly, the policy itself tells us whether or not she's subject to its provisions, they don't get to pick and choose - read on:

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.43.40 am Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.43.56 am

The ABC itself says she's a worker.  This is from the ABC's QandA website

You can also find Yassmin presenting on TV, currently hosting ABC's weekly show, Australia Wide. She is a regular on Q&A, The Drum, The Project, and internationally on the BBC. On radio, Yassmin is a regular on Triple J's Hack, Radio National, and moonlights as a casual broadcaster on ABC Local. She is the host of the motorsport podcast Motor Mouth, and is the host for the groundbreaking documentary The Truth About Racism, due for release in March 2017. 

Ms Abdel-Magied made her offensive post to the internet, once published there's no putting the genie back in the bottle. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.20.20 am

Is that likely to bring the ABC into disrepute?

So far 4,000 people have signed a petition calling for her sacking.

I've fielded hundreds upon hundreds of Twitter messages about the issue.

It's certainly diminished my opinion of the ABC.


Breach of Trade Mark

Beyond the offensive nature of her post itself, the term Lest We Forget is a registered Trade Mark.

It's owned by the RSL for and on behalf of our returned men and women.

It's permitted to be used on floral wreaths, messages of condolence for service men's families and the like.

It's registered and protect for a reason - precisely so it can't be abused in the way Ms smart-arse has done.

It's not the plaything of Muslim shit-stirrers.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.50.32 am

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.59.52 am

Try using Spirit of Australia, WhichBank or "Oh What A Feeling" within the category for which those Trade Marks are registered.


Trade marks

What is a trade mark?

A trade mark is a way of distinguishing the goods or services of your business from those of other businesses. It gives you exclusive rights to commercially use, license or sell the trade mark. This means that no one else in Australia can commercially use your trade mark within the class of goods and services it's registered under.

Any feature (or combination of features) that distinguishes your goods or services from others can be registered as a trade mark, such as a letter, number, word, phrase, sound, smell, shape, logo, picture or aspect of packaging.

If your business is bringing a unique product or service to market and will be using some form of branding, a trade mark is a legally enforceable way to protect:

  • letters
  • numbers
  • words
  • phrases
  • sounds
  • smells
  • shapes
  • logos
  • pictures
  • aspect of packaging
  • any combination of these that distinguishes your product from another.



Worker for the ABC - check.

Bringing the ABC into disrepute - check.

Why are you running a protection racket for her Ms Guthrie?

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 5.50.05 am



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Peter Sandery

Not only should she be sacked, she should be made to do 2000 hours of community work amongst Australian Vets who are being rehabilitated after receiving injuries in the recent middle east conflicts.

Rankin Voter

And where is Turnbulls man Mitch Fifield - as they say Missing in Action - nothing will be done to her or the ABC - they will continue as they are.


She can't be criticised or disciplined because it's "racist" "sexist" "islamophobic". Do keep up Michael.

Michelle Two

Love how this energy is working and how you are helping to turn this shit stirring back on those that are creating this fear energy.. Yassmin thought this would just go away she probably didn't think her words had consequences but this is the push back of what it is we hold dear to our hearts in protecting our sovereignty and what it was our soldiers fought for ..
She is free to speak her mind but speech has never been free because you own the consequences of your words and actions but more importantly you own your own souls energy and what you create with it.. She created fear energy in trying to be a smartarse and it has come back to her to deal with which I am sure she is doing as the left try and protect her.. it will come back to everyone being called a racist that speaks against her as that is all the left can come up with to protect, calling others names in order to protect their ideology in making excuses for her actions..


She is a 'protected species'.
Just like the ABC.

If she was 'of the right', the ABC and its luvvies would be screaming for blood!

What an absolute disgrace!

Harry Jenkins

Apology not accepted.

Please return to sender. She is not welcome at this address.

Harry Jenkins

If 18C was good enough to use against Bolt then it's damned well good enough to use against her grossly offensive remark and then some.


"It's certainly diminished my opinion of the ABC." Better late than never Michael.


It wasn't a brain fade. She knew exactly what she was doing. The longer we all sit back in silence and allow people to ridicule or denigrate what we hold dear, the more we allow them to chip away at our values and our way of life.

keith moss.



So, the ABC stands by this piece of scum...typical of this unAustralian organisation. The ABC is just as reprehensible!


Send her back from whence she came, she isn't in any way deserving of even being a so-called "moderate muslim".
Sack her now, she brought shame onto the taxpayer funded ABC, we demand it!


The ABC may stand by Yasmin but surely the Government cannot stand by the ABC in this matter. Turnbull must act but has he the will or the courage to do so? Only time will tell.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

Lest we forget: it is entirely within the Spirit of Australia (some parts anyway) to forget about Manus island. Oh what a feeling of despair that particular Spirit of Australia gives me (sometimes).

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

"Is that likely to bring the ABC into disrepute?"

No, except among those who already have no respect for the ABC and look for any pathetic excise to bash it.


The ABC may stand by Yasmin but surely the Government, the representatives of the Australian people, cannot stand by their ABC in this matter. Has Turnbull either the interest or courage to get involved in this matter? Only time will tell.


What do you really expect when Australia is being run like a mongrel dogs breakfast by a low mongrel liberal government that is ashamed of the Australian flag and intends to dump it.

I feel sorry for the US President Donald Trump, because next week PM Turnbull is flying over to America so as to meet President Trump, a very well briefed President Trump obviously despises Turnbull for what he is, a traitor to Australians.

Reported today, PM Turnbull and his doomed liberal government are increasing already exorbitant electricity prices another $400+ because they deliberately shut down our reliable, cost-effective clean coal electricity plants and deliberately created an electricity shortage and are now punishing Australian families and businesses who are already struggling and PM Turnbull's increasing electricity prices have no end,,, why the elderly and sick people freeze in their homes.

On the flip side patriotic President Trump has taken the initiative in the interests of the American people and is doing the exact opposite to that moron PM Turnbull. President Trump is using their clean coal and is lowering electricity prices and he is proud of the American flag, unlike satanic gay Turnbull, Shorten and the demonic scumbags supporting them?

These two clowns are selling our coal and uranium to everyone else so they can have cheap reliable electricity and are stopping/blocking Australians from doing so,,,surely treason charges are justified?

Dennis Thompson

Is there anything an ABC employee cannot do and get away with it?

Julie of Geelong

If she ditched the tea towel she might find a brain

Dennis Thompson

It really angers me that representatives of a certain religion are permitted to go on media programmes, as presenters or as guests, and make derogatory comments about people who are not followers of Islam.


You reprobate, you! Just what I expect from you.


You wouldn't be defending her right to free speech while simultaneously attacking others, would you?


Great research Michael. Well done.
Yasmin's popularity with the elites is based on her whole approach to politics, not just what she says when in part-time work on the premises of the ABC. Any deflection by "a spokesman" is just a lie to spin their way out of trouble.


Actually I think she might have over-cooked her brain. All that heat trapped under the teatowels can't be a good thing.


I think the ABC may have to rethink it's support for Abdel-Magoo. The backlash in the media is incredible (as it should be). This will not blow over quickly.

Jeff of FNQ

"Oh what a feeling" is also a registered Trade Mark (Toyota Motor Corp).

Dennis Thompson

Try to imagine what she will develop into if she can get away with it.


Over 2,000 comments already on this linked article in the Australian today.



Sack her? My bet is, they'll give her a *** Logie.


where can we find the petition?

Bob in Castlemaine

The ABC ceased to be an accountable, impartial organisation long ago. This latest piece of PC abuse of traditional Australian values is simply par for the course. The likelihood that ABC management would to act in accordance with its charter to effectively discipline one of its identity tokens is about zero.
As many have said the ABC is totally out of control and represents the views and cultural values of less than half the Australian population. The organisation cannot be reformed, it must be sold or disbanded but don't look to the likes of Chairman Mal and his hapless band of bed-wetters to do that. This latest aberration deserves only to be ignored, remember our ANZACs fought and died to ensure freedom of speech and liberty for all Australians which includes the ignorant fools!


Link for petition.



When Malcolm Turnbull backstabbed PM Abbott, he was Communications Minister (ABC/SBS/NBN/AustPost). After Turnbull became PM he chose Mitch Fifield to replace him as Communications Minister.

Who is Mitch Fifield? Fifield has never been employed outside of politics. His work experience after uni has been as staffer to various Liberal MPs (including Bruce Baird). This is from the Fed.Parl.website-

"Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament"

BA (Syd).
Senior Research Officer to the NSW Minister for Transport and Sydney's Olympic Bid, the Hon. B Baird, MLA 1988-92.
Policy Adviser to the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Industrial Relations, the Hon. JD Anderson, MP 1992.
Senior Policy Adviser to the Victorian Minister for Transport, the Hon. AJ Brown, MLA 1992-96.
Senior Political Adviser to the Treasurer, the Hon. PH Costello, MP 1996-2003.

Military Service-Reservist, 12 Psych Unit, Australian Army Psychology Corps 1985-87.

Fifield is a wasted space while being paid a generous taxpayer funded salary as a Minister. This is the problem with the out of control ABC-SBS-AustPost.

Titus Aduxas

Indulging in a bit of virtue signalling are we?
What have you done personally to address your despair about Manus Island?
It's a 2 horse race and "nothing" is the unbackable favourite.
Reg from the Life of Brian would be about your speed.
Show 'em your serious, pass a resolution!

Reg: [arriving at Brian's crucifixion] Hello, Sibling Brian.

Brian: Thank God you've come, Reg.

Reg: Well, I think I should point out first, Brian, in all fairness, we are not, in fact, the rescue committee. However, I have been asked to read the following prepared statement on behalf of the movement. "We the People's Front of Judea, brackets, officials, end brackets, do hereby convey our sincere fraternal and sisterly greetings to you, Brian, on this, the occasion of your martyrdom. "

Brian: What?

Reg: "Your death will stand as a landmark in the continuing struggle to liberate the parent land from the hands of the Roman imperialist aggressors, excluding those concerned with drainage, medicine, roads, housing, education, viticulture and any other Romans contributing to the welfare of Jews of both sexes and hermaphrodites. Signed, on behalf of the P. F. J. , etc. " And I'd just like to add, on a personal note, my own admiration, for what you're doing for us, Brian, on what must be, after all, for you a very difficult time.


By Rudyard Kipling


God of our fathers, known of old,

Lord of our far-flung battle-line,

Beneath whose awful Hand we hold

Dominion over palm and pine—

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

Lest we forget—lest we forget!

The tumult and the shouting dies;

The Captains and the Kings depart:

Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice,

An humble and a contrite heart.

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

Lest we forget—lest we forget!

Far-called, our navies melt away;

On dune and headland sinks the fire:

Lo, all our pomp of yesterday

Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!

Judge of the Nations, spare us yet,

Lest we forget—lest we forget!

If, drunk with sight of power, we loose

Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe,

Such boastings as the Gentiles use,

Or lesser breeds without the Law—

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

Lest we forget—lest we forget!

For heathen heart that puts her trust

In reeking tube and iron shard,

All valiant dust that builds on dust,

And guarding, calls not Thee to guard,

For frantic boast and foolish word—

Thy mercy on Thy People, Lord!

seeker of truth

Agree with you 100%. This has awakened a sleeping lion. It was a deliberate insult on a value held dearly by Australians.

☪️ ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM راية العقاب

Relax, the badly mistaken brand new NSW Police Farce Commissioner Mick Fuller together with his inert liberal boss Police Minister Troy Grant today announced that islamic 'terrorism' is merely a mental health issue, nothing to with the diabolical Quran or Mohamadd's clear call to jihad for every muslim?

It appears they both need to take off their p.c. blinkers and get a little realistic before more people get slaughtered by islamic/muslim terrorists in Australia. And should another Lindt Cafe islamic terrorist attack occur, of course the professionals, the S.A.S must deal with it, not illogical, fanciful Mick Fuller and Troy Grant.

Pakistan alone has 200 million muslims, 'lone wolves' and today 30% = 60 million of them are radicalised extremist muslims and they are heading for NSW or already here in NSW. And pc Mick Fuller and Troy are going to wheel out the psychiatrists to greet them..well done!

seeker of truth

It was the day she posted it MTDA and her deliberate use of the words. Any other day would have been OK but not Anzac Day. It was calculated to get a reaction in view of her knowledge and understanding about Anzac gained from her school days and her membership on the Anzac Centennary working group.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

And here is a (lapsed) Trademark you can go after:



Owner: Cheetah Designs

It seems Cheetah Designs is urging us not to forget some non-ANZACs, some non-soldiers. Outrage! Everybody (who reads MSNEWS) knows "Lest We Forget" is not the playing thing of a scarf company.

PS: the RSL trademark seems to be restricted to

Trademark Classes 26. Lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; artificial flowers.

Trademark Classes 32. Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages; fruit beverages and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages.

Trademark Classes 33. Alcoholic beverages (except beers).

The RSL also forgot to ask for exclusive use of the phrase in political discussions. Dang!

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

No, I would not be doing that.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

You think I used the phrase "Oh What a feeling" by accident? Oh, what a feeling!


Some timely advice...


🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺AUSSIE AUSSIE Oi Oi 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

It appears that the ashamed prime minister, ?Turnbull prefers this flag ☪️ to ours 🇦🇺

Perhaps patriotic 🇺🇸 US President Trump will present shameful Turnbull with an appropriate present, an Australian flag 🇦🇺 icon to put on his gucci suit lapel.

Maybe President Trump should give gay Turnbull a few boxes full of Australian flag icons 🇦🇺 for his ashamed, unpatriotic liberal government.


Come on RSL. Take her on over breach of trademark. Needs to pay for her appalling disrespect. Her 'protected' status as a muslim has been called to account.


I have no respect for the ABC...and you don't have to look too hard to find a reason to wonder why on earth it still exists..except for employing the unemployable.

Rob Greer

Just signed the petition Hillbilly33 and added this note ... This despicable creature has no respect for Australia let alone the armed service personnel who fought and died for the country that pays her, (with tax-payer funds) much, much more than she is worth. If she were still in her native land she couldn't afford the cost of the up-keep of her teeth.

john ward

All the huffing and puffing on this site is a waste of time. You are all preaching to the converted. Why don't you let the islamic waste-of-space know how you feel and what you think directly?
Here's her email address. '[email protected]'
Go to it. I've already told her what I think of her. I've also challenged her and triggs to take me on. I know all of you will back me if need be??!!

Michelle Two

Oh! Dear!! It can't be revenge pork is a taboo.. just mother nature taking its course.. Bet they were not expecting that you never know when the divine will step in and Gaia takes its revenge against the darkforces of nature.. Humans are a part of the whole ecosystem as well we are never a cancer to the environment we create as it provides all our needs when we learn to look after it we have an abundance of our needs there should be no poverty if it wasn't for greed and this establishment trying to control us there would be no corruption or genocide either..

A herd of wild boar mauled three Islamic State militants to death and injured five others in Iraq while the extremists were setting up an ambush, Iraqi locals claimed.

The men had taken cover in a bed of reeds near fields in the Hamrin mountains, about 55 miles southwest of Kirkuk, a local sheik said.

They were planning an attack on tribesmen who had formed anti-Isis brigades and had fled to the mountains when the jihadists seized the nearby town of Hawija in mid-2014. Sheik Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and supervisor of the anti-Isis forces, told The Times that at least eight fighters had hidden in dense reeds in a place known locally as the Zaghitoun river to set up an ambush.

“It is likely their movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields,” he said. “The area is dense with reeds, which are good for hiding in.”

He said that the incident had happened on Sunday shortly after the militants had put 25 people to death in Hawija over three days. Security sources said that the killings had been ordered after several residents had tried to flee the Isis-held town. “We know that a massacre took place in Hawija district, through our sources. This will not be Isis’s last massacre against citizens,” Sheikh Anwar said, adding that the death toll was probably higher as people were still missing.

Michelle Two

My last comment brought to mind the movie Porky's but the Looney Tunes and Porky Pig was always getting revenge..He was such a nice pig but cross him he always gets his own back by chance..


The Maggot has enjoyed far more opportunity, privilege, support and financial reward in her short 26 years than many of the people I have grown up or known in my 50+ years with who were born in Australia and who are twice or three times her age.

And don't tell me it is 'talent' as her only 'talent' seems to be shooting off her mouth - Gobby Style.

Edward James

I believe I know who has the mental health problem. And they are bekng paid by us to keep us safe. I do not believe I am getting my monies worth. How about you? Edward James RPA

Edward James

Either the ABC sack the YAM or we sack the ABC.

Wayne shaft

But of course , they are the untouchables now not even a fig leaf to hide their leftist agender . High on the hog on the mug taxpayers teat! 🐽🐽🐽👁

Wayne shaft

Indeed if only she were a white conservative male who looked at his watch whilst a female was speaking , well it would be different ! But their ABC will just ignore it and it will go away as per usual .🍷🍷🍷🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️


ditto. I was thinking the exact same thing Carolyn

Political speedbump

Hey T.W.O , Tango Idiot's usual style , he has totally avoided fair and equal argument as usual. This dreadfull lying Mole has no action taken against her soley because she is a black female muslim .

Tango Idiot has forgotten facts , in that White Christian Male , Scott McIntyre was sacked by the ABC back in 2015 for making comments about ANZAC's on social media .

The only difference here ? White Christian Male v Black Muslim Female .

Same offence , same employer , same Topic !!!!!!!!!!!!! .

Lets not also forget this ABC' Mole was on the ABC's ANZAC committee in 2014 and 2015 , she knew 100% EXACTLY what she was saying, her apology and excuse are complete and utter bullshit ,no doubt dreamed up by her pussywipped apologists on the ABC Board .

Bendover Spineless Turnbull ,bendover in line with your Leftist ABC Board ,there is yet another set of large Islamic dildo's for you to receive, on behalf of the minorities that pull your strings .

Will Wilson

There were expansive comments made about The Prophets wonderful and enlightened attitude towards women by an Islamic spokesman in last Mondays Drum
These were even more contemptible than Magieds Qand A garbage

Liz of Vic

I reckon it will nit take a second of the prime ministers time i.e. he will do absolutely nothing!


I was extremely disappointed with the comments by Yassmin Abdel-Magied who is a product of the very freedoms our WAR DEAD fought for,and our current men and women are still fighting for.
Her rise to Celebrity status in Australian media and Government positions have been afforded her because she was considered, by some, to be an asset for Australian Multiculturalism......Well she's blown that!
Naivety cannot be an excuse.Nor can her young age.
This Muslim woman has sat on the ANZAC Youth Committee.She is also on a Multiculturalism Committee.So what has she learnt from those experiences..........
Sad to say Yassmin Abdel-Magied has learnt nothing.

Dennis Thompson

Please note Acts of Parliament that prohibit governments from interfering in ABC etc.

They can only appoint board members when director's terms expire.

Unless the Acts are amended or repealed.

Jeff of FNQ



See this



Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph 40 minutes ago

Anger management course dropout Clementine Ford lends her support to Anzac Day hate tweeter Yassmin Abdel-Magied. It’s a little bit sweary:

Yassmin Abdel-Magied was absolutely f***ing correct in her status about Anzac Day and it's utterly atrocious what she's being hit with now ...

The real reason conservative politicians, right wing newspapers and good old fashioned racist Aussie dickheads feel so comfortable baying for the blood of a woman like Yassmin is because she is a Muslim woman of colour who they want to believe doesn't have the right to be here.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is worth one million of these derelict a***holes. I'd rather have her here enriching Australia and its culture than any one of them, any day of the week.

But unlike Yassmin, I was born here. So you can f***ing come after me, dickheads. Tell me to leave if I don't like it. Tell me I'm a disgrace. I've heard it all before and I am not afraid of you. You people are a pathetic bunch of cowards with no f***ing respect for history or the absolute f***ing devastating tragedy of war.


Lest we forget? Time to remember, more like.

Then follows a clarification:
I am very well aware of what 'lest we forget' means. I know it is supposed to mean that we must remember.

Clementine has now launched a petition.


More than 15000 signed the Petition that Hillbilly has mentioned and more than 700 comments on Andrew Bolt's blog - plus 2000 comments in the Australian - Malcolm will need to do something urgently about this situation as it will only drag on and become another major problem for him and his hopeless Communications Minister. I suggest Malcolm should sell the ABC and SBS and that would greatly reduce the deficit and interest bill. Problem solved.


Remember how just a week or so ago the ABC thought it appropriate to stand down one of their on-screen news readers because she got caught out looking at her phone when the camera went back to her. And yet when the woman at the centre of this article insults our war dead, the ABC decides to stand by her - "nothing to see here, move along". Is that because one of the women is a celebrity and the other isn't? Or is it just plain double standards?

☪️ ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM راية العقاب

Don't worry the NSW Police Farce Commissioner Mick Fuller together with his inert liberal boss Police Minister Troy Grant are calling in the psychiatrists...that ought to do it.


Thank you H33 ! My husband and I added our names to petition and via our son it has gone to many more to do the same.


It can't be about standards, because the ABC have none.

seeker of truth

Yassmin and her family came to Australia as skilled migrants, not as refugees, in 1992. Her father came from a very wealthy Sudanese family. He was an engineer and the mother was an architect. They slept on a mattress on the floor of a spare room at a friend's house. For 18 months both parents applied for jobs with no success. The father successfully applied for a job at a University in Singapore and moved his family there. They stayed there a few years, even being offered permanent residency but her mother decided that Australia offered their family a better life so in 1996/97 they moved back to Australia. The mother was attracted by our freedom of speech.

Yassmin's version of events


Yassmin's mother's version of events in a 1 hour conversation in 2008 with the ABC


It appears that her parents never worked in their careers because their qualifications were not recognised. They sought out and obtained government jobs (State and Federal) and jobs in NGO's

Yassmin's mother is Faiza El Higzi. Here is her work history from Linkedin -


Yassmin's father is Dr Midhat Abdel Magied. I can't access his Linkedin account. However, he has provided his bio on other sites

- https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/Startup-Grind-Khartoum/events/233908541/


He worked in the IT department of a couple of Queensland universities then joined the Queensland Government’s Economic Development Department. His career spanned assisting businesses with their growth plans, applying for government grants, leading trade missions overseas. The Queensland government posted him to Doha, Qatar for one year as its sole trade commissioner to that country, chasing business for Queensland.

He had enough of working for the government and set up his own business Australia-MENA Links Pty Ltd. It is a migration agency promoting skilled migration to Australia and migration and study in Australia. MENA stands for Middle East North Africa.


He has set up a number of business names under Australia-MENA Links Pty Ltd. They are Australianventure, Move2oz, Studyinginaustralia


He is the founder of The Australian-Sudanese Professionals Network (ASPnet) a yet to be incorporated association

It appears that it was her father’s idea to have young Ambassadors travelling overseas to promote Australia, as can be seen from his submission to DFAT. Yassmin in later years travelled as a young ambassador.


Her father returns to the Sudan every two years. He goes overseas to the Middle East and North Africa to drum up business for his own enterprise.


He was in Khartoum for this event on 24 September 2016, the same time as his daughter Yassmin was over there on her publicly funded DFAT promotion tour. They appeared at the same event.

Dad - https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/Startup-Grind-Khartoum/events/233908541/

Yassmin - https://www.startupgrind.com/events/details/startup-grind-khartoum-presents-yasimin-abdel-magied-youth-without-boarders

Her mother, Faiza el-Higzi, is a feisty, outspoken woman, as can be seen by her ABC interview in 2008. It is a case of like mother, like daughter.


The ABC in 2012 aired her 2008 conversation. Faiza has four post graduate degrees - in science, education, project management and international business so one smart lady.


Faiza is very much into refugee advocacy. Here she is in 2015 delivering a lecture to the Queensland University of Technology. She managed Mercy Community Services' Romero Centre which tends to the welfare of asylum seekers http://romero.mercycs.org.au/


When this video was made in 2015, this was her bio

“Faiza El-Higzi is currently the National Human Rights Advisor for the National Council for Women and was the Economic Advisor for the Queensland Chapter.She is the currently the Manager of the Romero Centre, a centre for refugee and asylum seekers’ support.
Faiza has more than ten years public sector experience in Australia providing strategic policy advice at both the State and Federal levels at the Department of State Development, Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). Faiza has four post graduate degrees in science, education, project management, and international business.“

Faiza was the ‎Manager Latin America - Trialteral Cooperation at AusAID

Her mother has written a number of research papers. She is currently on staff at The University of Queensland, Political Science and International Studies.


Faiza El-Higzi has taken a role as a Council member of The Domestic and Family Violence Implementation Council run by the Queensland Government’s Department of Communities, Child Safety And Disability. She was undertaking a Phd in gender studies at the time.


She has been praised by Stanford University for her work in individual and family services.


Mum is managed by the same speaking event promoter as her daughter Yassmin


Recent appearance by Faiza in Feb 2017 at a community seminar


Mum has founded and manages her own organisation titled Create Global


Simple folks they aren't. They've come a long long way from their original occupations of architect (mother) and engineer (father) thanks to the generosity of the Australian taxpayer and the asylum seeker/refugee/migration business.

seeker of truth

If you read the history for this trademark, it had a adverse report raised against the trademark in 25 June 2002. It was never registered, the application lapsed. There was no response to adverse report as at 25 July 2003 and it then progressed through the system to eventually being a lapsed application by 30 October 2003.



Spot on, and I was once considered myself to be one of Textors 'base' liberal voters.


Magoo''? says it all

defund the a b c
and let her go live with the Saudis
she may learn to be seen and not heard



Stop the madness

seeker of truth

You wouldn't expect any less of a response from that fright bat Clementine Ford. No one glorifies war; we respect the service of our diggers and the sacrifices they made. It isn't a celebration, it is a commemoration. F#cking stupid vile filled b#tch.

seeker of truth

Divine karma possibly!

Willow Wiley

ts not just Magied that needs to be held to account. The first report I read on this was ***published by the ABC****! They appear to be complicit in perpetuating if not conspiring to create this outrage timed for maximum effect & click throughs to their page. I would bank on Magied being listed for Q&A's completely unbiased panel within the fortnight.
Calling on the ABC to sack her is pointless, better to bring pressure to bear on the Minister for Big Foreign Aid Cheques, Julie Bishop
and DFAT to stand her down from the 'Council for *Australian Arab Relations*' because clearly she's failing miserably in that respect.


Another band-aid and a growing government at the taxpayers expense. I'm still trying to work out if they are evil or stupid.


Federal Govt via Communications Minister, can make representations on behalf of Australian citizens to request the ABC Board explain what action the ABC MD intends to take - in cases such as misdemeanour or staff misconduct/contempt of Australian values.

Problem is that the ABC Charter may lack any requirement that management & employees abide by a Code of Conduct as an Australian taxpayer funded statutory authority. In addition, the ABC Annual Report to Fed.Govt/Parliament should list the number of cases where employees have breached that Code of Conduct and what action was taken. Currently, there appears to be no such requirement in the ABC Charter.

Govt-sponsored Multiculturalism makes it essential that all Govt/Parliament/Statutory Authorities operate under a strict code of conduct in service to Australia & Australians.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

The only issue here I care about is the ludicrous statement by MPS that the RSL trademark was designed to or could stop Ms Abdel-Magied using the phrase "Lest we forget".

Annette Davies

Absolutely, but she never will.

Michelle Two

This story has been removed I wonder if it was a fake one .. hmm!!
I did get a great page of a 404 error earlier now it was just blank..
It said "Strewth this page isn't here then it had quotes by politicians explaining why".. it made me laugh.

So many exposed shonks and cheats are still free and many are still  in politics !

Yassmin Abdul-Magied YAM. The host for the groundbreaking doucumentary The Truth About Racism released in March 2017. Has exposed herself as a person who will lie when pressed. No surprise there because followers of ISLAM are permitted even encouraged to deceive if it promotes the assendency of Islam over the Infidals. Her credability is shot. Not because she abused her celebrity but because when challenged she published a lying apology. For the ABC to do a Juliar Gillard and protect YAM in a move which trashes their own published position, for all employees on the use of Facebook. Brings the ABC management itself into disrepute. Because the 'rules' are clearly not being applied by management to everyone equally. SO are our politicians going to let this one hang like a rotting corpse in a tree to no one cares anymore or will they surprise us all and do what must b done. Issue an ultimatum to ABC Management. Either enforce your own policy immediately or resign because you can't or won't do your job. When I sit here typing in recovery I must wonder why the government hasent alr day made its position clear already. EIther sack the YAM or leave and someon else can sack her! AFter all what she dis was attack Australians tradition on ANZAC Day. To be still taking taxpayers money is really in the face of any self respecting Australian. Edward James RPA.

ABC itself says she's a worker. This is from the ABC's QandA website

You can also find Yassmin presenting on TV, currently hosting ABC's weekly show, Australia Wide. She is a regular on Q&A, The Drum, The Project, and internationally on the BBC. On radio, Yassmin is a regular on Triple J's Hack, Radio National, and moonlights as a casual broadcaster on ABC Local. She is the host of the motorsport podcast Motor Mouth, and is the host for the groundbreaking documentary The Truth About Racism, due for release in March 2017.

Ms Abdel-Magied made her offensive post to the internet, once published there's no putting the genie back in the bottle.


Rankin Voter. Please note that to those of us reading who might have had family members MIA using Missing In Action as a joke could be hurtful. If you claim you want to see respect offered to fallen soldiers then please can we request that you show the same respect and sensitivity to those military families to whom the phrase Missing In Action is a heart-stopping moment of dread and terror that puts their whole life into suspended animation.


Maybe the Vic Government should get them down and FIX UP the Sudanese Crime rate in the state.
Doing speaking tours and sitting on committees is one thing, but action is what is needed in Victoria.
Great research,thanks,I have read Yassmin's story and for her young age has certainly got quite a lengthy CV in the business,which has opened many doors for her to become the "Celebrity Muslim"

Michelle Two

Good afternoon xx Just reading this article in the Australian looks like Mal or Mrs Mal and Ms Bishop might be closer to YAM then you think they are on a committee together for Women's business.. (Ya' do know that feminism is aligned with Islam didn't you Q&A and Jacqui Lambie heard about that gem)..
Eric Abetz has called on Julia Bishop to remove her from another paid position in government the Australian-Arab relations council..

I will draw an angel message tonight again please ask the angels if you need an answer or guidance and the message may resonate with you or give you an answer for what it is you are working on.. sometimes they will not give me a direct answer because your soul and within your heart you will already know the answer so you may just need confirmation so you can move on and free your energy blocks so the solutions and ideas can enter your thoughts, it is usually your ego and fear energy that blocks your own inner wisdom from coming through with clarity or you not being self confidence and unsure of choices because you look to the past and will think history will repeat itself which isn't true because it is all about your own souls energy and what lessons you are creating and drawing into your self and what other souls are entering your life for those lessons, if you don't get the lesson the first time and your soul continues to form a pattern of repeating the same lessons you can get yourself out of the rut by simply letting go and doing your soul searching and asking yourself what the lesson was about, sometimes it might be trust, forgiveness of self and others this would be a lesson in letting go and listening to yourself and getting yourself out of bad situation or drama that you will currently keep getting drawn into, so learning to walk away to save your own peace.. Patience is always the biggest lessons as we all have our dreams but many souls give up on them because of the fear of the unknown and not giving the divine and your higher soul enough time to prepare you for what it is you are manifesting or creating so it is a change in your own soul energy and your thoughts and emotions that will have you give up before any new beginnings have a chance to fall into place..etc. .. your soul is always having and creating lessons so it is knowing within yourself when to let go of the past so you can go onto the next lesson you are creating.. love and light xx

The ABC declined to comment yesterday, standing by its initial response that Abdel-Magied­ was only required to adhere to ABC policies “when presenting for the ABC”.

Meanwhile, The Australian Women’s Weekly remained silent on whether Abdel-Magied would still join the Foreign Minister and Lucy Turnbull on a high-profile panel judging its “women of the future”.

emily foxe

Whilst being smug because she cannot be sacked, it again shows how superior they act towards us and our values.
Yes, 2000 hours Community Service under the direct supervision of a non-Muslim would indeed be a very humbling experience and one that this female piranha needs..
Obviously she has entrenched herself in to the ABC


If she has a future it is because she has supporters in the like of Malcontent and The Stick Insect.


Not quite, but she does have Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop backing her. Those are the real problem, of why we have this silly woman getting sway with her crap.

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