Turnbull gave another $110M in "humanitarian assistance" to Iraq while there for Anzac Day photos
President Trump seeking 15% corporate tax rate - we're at 30% and Bill Shorten's having kittens

Celebrity Muslim Yassmin Abdel-Magied slur on Anzac Day - "lest we forget Manus, Nauru, Palestine etc"

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SBS sacked a bloke for disrespect towards Anzac Day.

This woman cannot remain on the ABC's taxpayer funded gravy train.

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How could you live in Australia, grow up in Australia, be educated by and paid for by Australia and not know the significance of the phrase Lest We Forget - and the immense offence misusing it causes to the families of our glorious dead.

After public outrage Ms Magied has issued an apology and removed the offensive words, she claims that she needed to have it brought to her attention that her publication was offensive.