Marine le Pen "I will bring Islamist fundamentalism to its knees" while Turnbull is gazing at its loveliness
These emails from the ABC tell the story of its refusal to report on Gillard and the AWU Scandal

More on the people behind the campaign to shut down Ayaan Hirsi Ali - including 5 years no financial reports

The Islamic Research and Education Academy Ltd has been very busy.

Here's its Facebook page, where followers are invited to support the Dawah (nice if they could speak English here) for $30 each per month.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.30.58 am

Almost 42,000 people follow the entity on Facebook, where we learn it has an office which is staffed from 10AM to 4PM.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.48.55 am

Thanks to Seeker of Truth for much of the following.

This mob is registered with the charities regulator.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.56.09 am

Where it is yet to file a single financial report.

31/12/2013 AIS 2013 Not required  
Voluntary Financial Report 2013    
31/12/2014 Financial Report 2014    
31/12/2015 Financial Report 2015    
31/12/2016 Financial Report 2016    
31/12/2017 Financial Report 2017

It receives substantial tax concessions:

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.57.57 am

Yet for all that it's the same story with ASIC, where despite being a public company (limited by guarantee) the entity has yet to file any financial information.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 6.05.39 am

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.18.01 am

As Seeker of Truth put it - they are forever begging money, yet they're yet to reveal any financial reports.

How?  Where are the regulators?

Some of the begging - It set up a GoFundMe page to source donations for Australia's first comparative religion based dawah centre in Melbourne to be set up in the warehouse premises at 1//29 Dunlop Road, Hoppers Crossing.

It has an ongoing GoFundMe page calling for donations to spread the word of Islam

It has set up a project called Get a Quran operated by another website it owns called

The name of this website appears on its promotional car used for its "Dawah Tour De Australia". It already has one vehicle and is fund raising for another. It is also raising funds to build a mosque at Craigieburn.

The name "Murtaza Hussain" appears on the Facebook fundraiser for the Mosque. He was hosting a dinner at the restaurant known as "Tiba" at Roxburg Park in July 2015.

This Murtaza Hussain is one and the same Syed Murtaza Hussain who made threats on behalf of Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia Inc. against Hirsi Ali.

The Facebook page has even provided bank details for donations -

"Your can transfer money in Commbank Acct Name: IREA Craigieburn BSB: 063240 ACCT: 10677307 Ref: Craigieburn masjid"

IREA's founder went over to Qatar and Saudi Arabia to also source donations to set up his Islamic Academy

But the ACNC will never know about this if audited Financial Reports are not lodged. Wake up Government.

Radicals trip in race to put out the begging bowl

Islamic Research and Educational Academy president Waseem Razvi. Picture: Stuart McEvoy

A radical Islamic organisation is falsely implying a mosque it plans to build in Melbourne’s northern suburbs has council approval, in its appeal to the Muslim community to donate funds for the project.

The Islamic Research and Educational Academy has previously generated controversy with its Australian Islamic peace conferences, held in 2013 and earlier this year, which have featured proponents of violence against Jews, homosexuals and women, as well as child preachers as young as five.

The ultra-conservative Salafist organisation is currently appealing for donations for a mosque to be built in Craigieburn, using a brochure featuring an “approved” stamp. But Hume City Council says it has not approved the mosque, which would be built in an area where a significant number of young people have been radicalised to the point of joining Islamic State or being charged with terror offences.

According to IREA’s brochure, posted on the organisation’s Facebook page, the mosque will cost $1.5 million, feature space for 2000 people, and be located on 10,000sq m of land just off the Hume Highway, close to Craigieburn railway station.The Australian understands the proposed site is on Potter Street.

The brochure asks that donations be made to a specific Commonwealth Bank ­account. IREA claims it has ­already raised $125,000 for the mosque, through a Ramadan dinner held on June 20 and through direct donations.

Hume City Council acting ­director of city sustainability ­Michael Sharp said the council had not approved any application for a mosque on Potter Street.

“Council will investigate any allegation in which a person has ­falsely claimed that they possess planning approval,” Mr Sharp said. “We will investigate this spec­ific allegation and take action if the claims are substantiated.”

Another local Muslim group, calling itself the Craigieburn ­Islamic Center, has distanced its own mosque proposal from IREA’s plans.

The CIC group, which has purchased a deconsecrated church in Potter Street that it intends to convert to a mosque, recently posted a warning on its Facebook page, telling followers that IREA’s fundraising was not related to any of its projects.

“We did not organise any fundraising yet until we receive the permit to build the mosque,” CIC said.

“This page is the only formal page for this project.

“Our organisation is not ­responsible for any donation or fundraising that is taking place at this moment.

“If any future fundraising is to be organised, it will only be posted on this page inshaa Allah, otherwise any donation made by you to any other organisation will not be our responsibility.”

IREA president Waseem Razvi is currently on a speaking tour of Qatar, raising funds for his organisation. The last time Mr Razvi visited Qatar, in November 2013, he met notorious sheik Yusuf al-­Qaradawi, who is currently the target of an Interpol arrest warrant for incitement to commit murder.

At the time, Mr Razvi boasted on his Facebook page that the Muslim Brotherhood godfather, who has supported jihad in Syria and the use of suicide bombers against Israelis, was “very happy” with Mr Razvi’s efforts to spread the word of Allah in Australia.

Mr Razvi did not respond to ­direct calls and emails from The Australian, and a spokeswoman for IREA said she did not have time to address a detailed list of questions, despite being contacted early on Tuesday.

Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman Kuranda Seyit declined to address questions relating to IREA’s mosque fundraising and Mr Razvi’s contacts in Qatar until he had investigated the matter­ further.