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Use this Sarah Hanson Young video to help explain the bulltish of The Left

I've just watched this Sarah Hanson Young video hoping to atone for forgetting about Lent.

Yes it's painful to listen to - but there's a lot to learn about the ways of The Left in what she says.

This is the perfect demonstration of a faithful Lefty play-the-man operative in action.

Hanson-Young has nothing to say about policy, arguing the merits of opposing positions, weighing alternatives etc.

This is all about destroying Peter Dutton because he stands in the way of what her side wants.  

Dutton has to go.    Dutton is a racist and a bigot etc.  Turnbull must get rid of Dutton and on she goes.


We are headed towards an intellectual vacuum where the authorised views of The Left (like you've seen in this Hanson Young video) are pronounced and that's the end of the story.

The Project.  The ABC.  The Muslim video/radio/marketing industry.  Corporate bosses and their PRs.  Fairfax and on and on and on.

I don't want that for Australia and I hope you don't.

That's why we owe it to each other to take action when Lefties make outrageous false statements like the ones in Hanson Young's video.

Otherwise they get stronger and stronger with each unchallenged reiteration of bullshit.

Hanson Young tells us the Immigration Minister has said people aren't welcome to make Australia their home if they can't read or write properly.

No he didn't.  

And he's not a bigot.  He's not a racist.  He's not attacking anyone when he says he doesn't want the Marriage Act changed.

I know it's tiresome to listen to this crap and call it out.  But if we don't call it, this stuff gets accepted as gospel, it's repeated and over time we just get worn down until there's only the lefty rubbish left.

Anyone questioning Lefty authority then might find themselves out of a job - or off to re-education.

So call it when you see it.  And make it your business to explain it to a young person you know.

This video from the ill-informed, fast and loose with the truth Sen-8-or is a great place to start.