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72 years ago today 26 young diggers were killed in the Australian Army's worst accident. Lest We Forget.

72 years ago today 26 young diggers were killed while training for war at Kapooka, New South Wales.   

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.57.00 pm


Many thanks to the website exploroz.com for this copy of a statement made to the House of Representatives by the Minister for the Army after a Court of Enquiry into the explosion reported its findings.




The young diggers were buried together at the Wagga War Cemetery after Australia's largest military funeral was held in the town.

The Wagga Daily Advertiser has done a tremendous job of commemorating their service, these photos are from the Advertiser's report where you'll find the details of a memorial ceremony to be held at Kapooka today.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.25.17 pm
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.25.17 pm

Thank you for your service men.

At the going down of the sun,

And in the morning, 

We will remember them.




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So many exposed shonks and cheats are still free and many are still  in politics !

Memories fade with the passing of time and lives. It is why war memorials thought to be inviolate keep coming for re development. Like the Memorial steps on Manns Road and the Poppy Park at the bottom of the memorial steps Gosford. Near the waterfront with views across the Brisbane Water to the south. Every now and then, there are public fights when memorials "get in the way of so called progress" in Gosfords case pressure to build a performing arts centre on Crown land most recently dating back to May 2016 when Council intended to draft a specific plan of management to keep the War Memorial and Poppy Park as open space. I am sure all of us notice memorials in parks and at road intersections. Which have the names of those long dead recorded in perpetuity, men and women who gave their all for our right to be Protected by those laws laid out in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. Which some say is our Nations Birth Certificate. Edward James


To think, that I attended Kapooka for basic training 29 years later and not a peep about that tragic incident to anyone.

I'm simply gobsmacked!

BTW Michael, Australia's worst ever recorded air disaster occurred in 1943 at Bakers Creek in Queensland claiming 41 American lives. Another senseless tragedy in a long war.


When history, especially Australian history, is no longer taught at school we reap the future problems of societal disconnection through not instilling the individual with a grounding to the past, a connection, that can be easily achieved with the teaching of history.


This is something I never knew about, until today. And, I did my National Service training at Kapooka in 1970.

Michelle Two

Beautiful video they put together "Forever Young" keep running through my mind as I watched it as they were all so young when it happened and never go to meet their adventure they signed up for... RIP .. Lest we Forget xx

seeker of truth

Thanks for informing us about this. I had no idea that such a tragic event occurred. So sad for all involved. Young soldiers are prepared for a possible death overseas in a theatre of war but not a tragic accident at a training exercise at home. What a shock for everyone.


When I trained at Kapooka at the end of 1965 we were informed of this tragedy by our instructors. Awful loss.

Beam Me Up

Thank you for posting this, Michael. In my 13 weeks at Kapooka this was never once mentioned.

So many exposed shonks and cheats are still free and many are still  in politics !

I grew up knowing my parents were proud of our history Nemesis. Those who returned from Vietnam felt the sting of an ungreatful population. People throwing red paint and screaming baby killers. Things are not improving, because we have let our Parliaments and local councils be populated by an almost mindless rabble of back room deal makers. Too dumb to see how our country is being dismantaled all around us. We do not have the great steel works or vehicle industries. Can't manufacture our own fuel. Never mind train and employ our children to follow in our footsteps. No real deep seated national pride in ourselves, will do that to a country! Edward James

So many exposed shonks and cheats are still free and many are still  in politics !

Your post on that tragedy is certainly provoking some thinking among the Crew members Michael Edward James the Dolls House

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