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Celebrity "Thumbs Down to Knife Crime" campaign on Twitter to solve London's stabbing spree.

London has a huge problem with knife crime.

So what's the latest answer? 

After two stabbings in the Harrow borough earlier this year, Mayor Khan promised "to take knife crime extremely seriously".
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The response is so ridiculous, it's heartbreaking.
It's very similar to Daniel Andrews in Victoria.  Or Turnbull with Rosie Batty.
It brings to mind Kevin Rudd while people were flooding into Australia on boats or drowning on the way.
The result?
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Imagine how this widow would feel on seeing a smiling celebrity tweeting Thumbs Down to Knife Crime.  
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Jeroen Ensink, 41, was killed in December 2015 by student Femi Nandap, 23, who just days earlier had knife and assault charges against him dropped.

The internationally renowned water engineer and academic had gone out to post cards to inform family and friends of the birth of the couple’s daughter, Fleur, born 11 days earlier.

“I’ve been denied legal aid, although both CPS and the police are legally represented, the police by a QC. That’s unfair. I sincerely hope that this process will provide answers. I want justice for Jeroen and also for Fleur.”

This is her husband's killer.

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Nandap pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and was sentenced in October last year to an indefinite hospital order at Broadmoor.

The Old Bailey heard that the Nigerian-born student who lived in Woolwich, south London, had heard voices urging him to sacrifice a man. He believed he was “the chosen one”.

Do you reckon a Twitter message with a celebrity saying Thumbs Down to Knife Crime would've stopped him?