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Qantas and safety - David Pellowe's interview with businessman Stuart Ballantyne that led to Margaret Court's dramas

Court, 74, told Sky News on Monday night she had felt “bullying and intimidation” after her ­letter to the editor of The West Australian was published.

“The reason I spoke was because of Stuart Ballantyne, a big businessman from Queensland, he wrote a letter to Qantas and to Alan Joyce to say, ‘You’re using it as a platform to intimidate banks and companies and I gather now, small businesses’, and I think that’s very sad. They don’t have a right to do that,” Court told Sky. “We should be able to talk freely. I’ve got nothing against people. I even get letters from atheists and they say they believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I get them from all kinds of people ... they’re not Christians, I don’t think it’s anything to do with that.”

Source - The Australian.

Businessman Stuart Ballantyne speaks a lot of sense when he talks about Qantas and safety.  

It was Stuart Ballantyne's letters and comments about Qantas that triggered Margaret Court's comments - which were simply to support Stuart in what he was saying.

David Pellowe's interview with Stuart on the issue above was published on 11 April this year, long before Margaret Court's profile triggered publicity of the past week or so.

You can read David's articles including a written piece on his discussions with Stuart at the Church and State website https://churchandstate.com.au/

Stuart's right - when Islamists take offence they sometimes react violently - ask the employees of Charlie Hebdo.