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Hi Friend. Malcolm is passionate about this. That's why we're increasing taxpayer spending on it by 75%

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Who starts a letter with Hi Friend?

A 50s Mormon preacher, a carpet-bagging spruiker or a sing-song kindergarten teacher spring to mind.

One of the above describes the Chairman and his letter flogging Gonski.

A "Friend" sent me the letter after she received it yesterday.

Government spending on education currently totals $90 BN PA - source http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/5518.0.55.001

Turnbull's going to add 75% to that annual bill - that's an extra $70 odd BILLION per year.

You'd reckon he'd have good reason for doing so.

A solid business case.

An unbeatable answer for the question "Why?"

So Why?

The Chairman is glad you asked.

I’m passionate about the power of a great education. It can literally transform lives - and it certainly changed mine.

That’s why we’ve decided to increase federal government funding for schools by 75% over ten years.

Business cases were a bit weightier in my day Mal.

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