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Peter Dutton on Abdel Magied ABC axing "One down, many to go" - Back your minister Malcolm!

Good on Peter Dutton for putting so much distance between himself and Turnbull - let's hope it's contagious and his colleagues have some of it rub off on them too.
The cleanout with Abdel Magied and her ilk has to start with the government itself sacking her.  
This is Day Two since our request to Julie Bishop to do that and no response from her office yet.
Dutto should do more of this stuff - it gives conservatives hope for a possible Liberal Party reformation.
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Thank you to Fairfax for this ray of sunshine!


'One down, many to go': Peter Dutton calls for ABC purge after Abdel-Magied axing

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has called for a purge of ABC personalities in the wake of the broadcaster's decision to axe Yassmin Abdel-Magied's program, which he welcomed as "a good start".

"One down, many to go," Mr Dutton told 2GB radio's Ray Hadley during their regular Thursday morning interview. 

The minister reserved particular opprobrium for the Q&A program and its host, senior ABC journalist Tony Jones, which he said exemplified a cultural problem at the public broadcaster.

Hadley and Mr Dutton were infuriated by an exchange on Monday's episode, before the Manchester bombing, between Jones and visiting physicist Lawrence Krauss on the likelihood of Westerners becoming victims of terrorism.

Krauss: "The real people who are in danger from Muslim terrorists are in the Muslim countries."


Jones: "I suppose, if you're a young black American, you're more likely to be killed by a policeman."

Mr Dutton, a regular critic of the ABC, blasted Jones and the program despite admitting that he does not watch it.

"It's a cultural problem at the ABC and the board needs to deal with it," he said.

"Tony Jones, who is obviously a well-credentialled, experienced journalist - his behaviour in that instance, I think is a disgrace."I actually think there is a fundamental problem with the ABC, particularly around Q&A - the composition of the audience, the selection of these people on the panel and the direction it's given by Tony Jones.

"I don't watch it and it's a waste of taxpayers' money. You're right, you've raised my blood pressure."

Mr Dutton said air time should be given to the victims of crime and the families left behind, rather than "some academics or people who seek to get their face on Q&A".