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Ramadan Bombathon, day 4. Attacks - 13. Kills - 120 (incl a 12YO Australian girl)

Australian girl killed in Iraqi terror attack

Updated: 6:18 am, Wednesday, 31 May 2017


An Australian girl has been killed in a terror attack in Baghdad.

12-year-old Zaynb Al Harbeya was at an ice-cream parlour in the Iraqi capital, when a car bomb exploded, killing 17 people and wounding 32 others.

Zaynb's family has told Sky News she had been visiting her sick grandfather, with her parents.

They say the family had been fasting for Ramadan, and had just broken their fast. Zaynb wanted to go for ice cream, and had gone to pay when the bomb exploded.

She was in year seven at Sirius College, in Broadmeadows.

Her funeral will be held today.

The following courtesy of Religion of Peace website.

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2017.05.30 (Iraq)
A Sunni suicide bomber targets an ice cream shop in a Shiite area, killing sixteen mostly women and children.

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Caliphate members fire to a hospital and execute a dozen young people inside.

2017.05.28 (Philippines)
Eight employees at a rice mill are murdered by Jihadists for 'having betrayed their faith'.

2017.05.27 (Philippines)
Three women and a child are among nineteen civilians found slain by Islamic extremists near a university.

2017.05.27 (Afghanistan)
A Shahid suicide car bomber slaughters eighteen at a public bus station.

2017.05.26 (Egypt)
Christians on their way to a monastery make easy pickings for Islamic gunmen, who massacre twenty-eight - including ten children.

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May 20, 2017 -
May 26, 2017

Attacks 52
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Injured 485
Suicide Blasts 11
Countries 14