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Supreme Court defamation judgement in favour of Grand Mufti v News Ltd after criticism of his Paris terror attacks response

Islamists are celebrating today with their relentless march into our country notching up another battle win.

After the November 2015 Paris Muslim terror attacks the Grand Mufti and his council of Imams issued a statement which was roundly criticised by Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, me, Bolt, various newspapers and most reasonable Australians.

The Grand Mufti didn't condemn the terrorists - rather he said causative factors like Islamophobia and racism were behind the attacks.

This is what happened that night.

The Grand Mufti sued News Limited for defamation when it criticised him.

Initially News Limited lodged a defence based on truth and opinion honestly held.

Today the Supreme Court was told the matter has been settled in the terms set out by the Council of Imams below.

Notch up another win for the cause of activist, well funded Islamists in our country. 



And here's the offensive statement which fails to condemn the terrorists and sheets blame to us for not getting our strategies right.