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Vale Colvinius. Mark Colvin - 13 March 1952 - 11 May 2017

Mark Colvin (13 March 1952 – 11 May 2017)

Mark Colvin was a journalist of the old school.  He read English Literature at Oxford before a stellar career with the ABC, including posts in Europe, the UK and exceptional reports from many of the world's hot spots, particularly Rwanda, a story which changed his life.

He went to Rwanda in 1994 to cover the genocidal, maniacal civil war.  A million odd people were living in their own excrement - no sewerage, no power and murderous militias on the rampage.  Cholera and dysentery were rampant.  Mark contracted a rare blood disorder which nearly killed him.  The treatment was almost as harsh as the disease, both his hips collapsed, he needed ongoing dialysis and he was never to enjoy great health again.

After convalescing for 18 months in Europe he returned to Australia and from 1997 presented ABC Radio's PM.

In December 2012 he received a donated kidney from a living person, one of his interview subjects Mary Ellen-Field, such was the regard she held him in.

He was one of few journalists to take an inquisitive approach to the AWU Scandal and he and I'd corresponded on Twitter over the years.  

He was one of the very few at the ABC who behaved like a true journalist.

Australia is the poorer for his loss.

Rest in Peace Colvinius





Link to the ABC's obituary below.


PS - Here's our own TasSpinZone, aka BollyJagman recording his view about Mark Colvin as events in the AWU Scandal were unfolding - 2012 - 2013.




On a quite personal note.

Mark, you'll never know what it meant to be taken seriously by you - to be treated like a human being and not a blotted copybook.

Thank you Mark, you'll be so sorely missed.

For our readers, I'll treasure this toing and froing on the day Turnbull hooked into Shorten over the Pratt fortune and Cristal.


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