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Muslim Grand Mufti DEFENDS controversial Islamic preacher who says Allah will kill homosexuals with 'terrifying diseases'

  • Grand Mufti says Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman is the 'target of a media attack'
  • Sheikh Shady said in 2010 Allah will give homosexuals 'terrifying diseases'
  • Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed said he 'conveyed a religious ruling'  

Australia's Grand Mufti has defended a controversial Islamic preacher who said God will punish homosexuals with disease.

National Imams Council president Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman said in 2010 that Allah will give gay people 'diseases that they have never experienced before'. 

'And most of the diseases these days - if you speak to a doctor - he'll tell you the most terrifying disease come from what?

'From sexual activities... or also homosexuality that is spreading all these diseases,' said Shekh Shady, who controversially dined with Malcolm Turnbull at a function at Kirribilli House last month. 

Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed has defended the Sheikh's comments and said he had 'simply conveyed a religious ruling'. 

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