Turnbull's half-a-trillion tomorrow. Turnbull called Rudd's $200BN debt "frightening". What's yours Mal?
Their ABC asking the right questions

Cassie Jaye's emails show Andrew O'Keefe had The Red Pill movie one month prior to I/V - he just didn't watch it

You may recall Andrew O'Keefe's attempts to blame Cassie Jaye, creator of The Red Pill for his failure to watch the movie prior to her appearance before him on Weekend Sunrise.

Here are the emails which show he and his "people" were given the movie one month prior.


I thought you might also be interested in this message from Dr Greg Canning, a Townsville GP.


Now compare and contrast Waleed Aly with Cassie Jaye.....

....with Waleed Aly et al schmoozing Amy Schumer.