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GetUp's "Going After Dutton" because "he's trying to get rid of those he disagrees with" & that's a threat to democracy. Like GetUp.

Thanks to reader Shazz for the tip on this GetUp campaign.

These GetUp people are nasty pieces of work.

They're going after Peter Dutton to knock him out of the parliament.  Not to debate his ideas, nor to compare and contrast the relative merits of other candidates for his seat.  No, GetUp has decided to swing its national resources in to Peter Dutton's seat for the exclusive purpose of destroying the man's career.

Why are they doing that?  Because he's a "dangerous threat to our democracy - Dutton wants to get rid of people he disagrees with (at the ABC)".


On the basis of that logical assessment, looks like GetUp is a dangerous threat to our democracy, what with GetUp a actively working to get rid of Peter Dutton because GetUp doesn't agree with him.

Nasty, dehumanised subterranean shadow dwellers scurrying around in darkness not to debate ideas, but to "Go After Dutton".

This from the GetUp website.


Going after Dutton

Peter Dutton wants to 'purge' the ABC of those he disagrees with, taking special aim at Q&A and it's host Tony Jones.1

It's a dangerous threat to our democracy — and hardly Dutton's first attack on values we cherish, like fairness, truth and compassion.
And Dutton's power is only growing – with some touting him as a right-wing replacement for Malcolm Turnbull.2

The only way to stop Dutton's destructive influence is to remove him from Government — and to weaken him now by putting his seat in real jeapordy.

We know we can do this. Dutton came a hair's breadth from losing his seat in the last election, after a powerful grassroots campaign by GetUp members that shocked the political establishment.3

So today, we start earlier and go bigger. Can you chip in to help make it happen?

Here's what your donations will make happen:
    • Empower an 'Action Group' of GetUp members in Dutton's seat of Dickson to organise grassroots power from within the electorate.

    • Support members across the country calling into Dickson to make person-to-person contact with voters. It was our most powerful tool in the last election, and we're starting it far earlier and going much bigger.

    • Sophisticated online ads, influencing the persuadable voters who will decide Dutton's future.

  • Polling, to show the impact of our campaign, to blunt Dutton's influence within the Turnbull Government starting as soon as possible.


[1] "'One down, many to go': Peter Dutton calls for ABC purge after Abdel-Magied axing", Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 2017
[2] 'Samantha Maiden: Peter Dutton is the next leader', The Sunday Telegraph, 26 February 2016
[3] "Australian federal election 2016: Dutton blames bikies, union thugs and Labor for almost losing his seat", Sydney Morning Herald, 4 July 2016
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