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When is Killed by a Muslim Terrorist Week?

Grand Mufti jokes about waging Jihad in Melbourne just days after Islamic State claims Brighton Jihadi murder

This video shows the Grand Mufti asking the in-crowd to wage Jihad yet again - with the punchline that you'll see in the video.

He gets a good laugh from Waleed Aly's Islamic Council of Victoria's Iftar dinner in Brunswick.

Imagine George Pell doing double entendres about good looking altar boys.

You can't?  Nor could I - and nor could I imagine anyone who had an iota of nous or regard for us joking about Jihad.

The Grand Mufti (of Australia if you don't mind) doesn't speak English.

He doesn't get Australian values either.  

One week ago Islamic State claimed responsibility for Muslim Jihadi Yacqub Khayre's terror attack in Brighton, Melbourne.

One man was shot and killed.  A woman was held hostage in terrifying circumstances.  And Australia felt the reality of Allah-uh Akbar Jihad yet again.

I understand that Muslims have different types of Jihad - from minor personal struggles to the big production numbers like 9/11.

But asking a crowd to wage Jihad only to have your magnificent sense of humour revealed in the punchline is in very poor taste - if not nodding to the wink wink nod nod true nature of the spread of Islam by the sword.


I don't think there's anything funny about Jihad.  

But the Grand Mufti does.  And he should be pulled into line for it.

People lose their jobs for dubious jokes.

Alan Jones paid dearly for the chaff bag Gillard routine.

Tony Abbott can't wink or look at his watch without making the front pages.

But the chief Arabic Islamist and Hamas supporter in our midst - the equivalent of George Pell as "leader" of his flock - can do and say what he likes.

Because he's Muslim.