Latest Islamic Caliphate magazine article on using Ebay or "apartment for rent" ads to lure Kaffir for slaughter
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Islamic State's "heroic example", 3 Australian refugees show how to "attain Allah's pleasure" by killing Australians

This is a sickening, revolting extract from the latest edition of the Islamic State's magazine.

As the Crusaders continue to wage their vicious campaign on the lands of Islam they are constantly reminded that this honorable ummah has men – heroes - who gallantly demonstrate with their operations that (Westerners, ie us) will be met with blades that plunge into their bodies, vehicles that unexpectedly mount their busy sidewalks, smashing into crowds, crushing bones, and severing limbs, and bullets that pierce their filthy bodies while they are in the midst of their foul enjoyment.

The likes of Man Haron Monis, Numan Haider, and Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar in Australia, and others set heroic examples with their operations. With their blood they incited, instructed, and demonstrated practically for other Muslims how one can attain Allah’s pleasure and escape His wrath while stationed in the garrisons of the open war arena against the Crusader West.

So with that straight from terror central, you have to wonder about the quality of advice and leadership at the helm in Australia.  If Islamists claim our refugee terrorists as their own, where does ASIO get off saying there's no link? 

To add to ASIO's ineptitude, in his crowning insult, Attorney General George Brandis Muslims are greater victims than other Australians because "their youth" are being preyed upon by recruiters.

George you are a disgrace.    Anyone who chooses to listen to "recruiters" with their Islamist messages has a clear choice to make.  They can take up the Islamist cause, or walk away - something denied their victims.

Tori Johnson and Curtis Cheng had no choice about being shot.  Monis and Jabar chose to kill them.

I am lost for words about you Senator.

Here's the ABC's report from last night's Lateline.

George Brandis backs ASIO, says Muslim community most at threat from terrorists

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Speaking to Lateline, Senator Brandis backed the head of ASIO, Duncan Lewis, who on Wednesday stood by his insistence that the refugee program is not the source of terrorism in Australia.

One Nation senator Brian Burston has called for Mr Lewis to be sacked, alleging he deliberately misled Senate estimates last week when responding to a question from Pauline Hanson about the links between refugees and terrorism.

The perpetrators of the past three terrorist attacks in Australia — Man Haron Monis, Abdul Numan Haider and Fahad Jabar — had all been refugees.

Senator Brandis said the problem was not that terrorists were refugees, but that they had been radicalised.

"Plainly, there is a very immediate connection between domestic terrorism and elements of the Muslim community in Australia, a very small element," he said.

"That is a problem for that community, they are as much the victims as anything else, in fact, even more so than other Australian citizens because it's their young who are being preyed upon by terrorist recruiters.