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Julie/Julia watch #3 - Bishop says "Turnbull Government" disappointed in United States, Aust'ns "can trust Turnbull Government"

Julie/Julia Bishop might need reminding while she transitions - she works for the Australian Government.

I don't know that the United States or any other nation has diplomatic relations with the "Turnbull Government".

This formal and highly political statement from our foreign minister contains these references:

The Turnbull Government today reaffirms Australia's strong commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change and the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol.

The Turnbull Government is working to further reduce emissions through the Emissions Reduction Fund, the National Energy Productivity Plan, the phase down of hydrofluorocarbons and the Renewable Energy Target. 

Australians can trust the Turnbull Government to pursue a course that boosts the economy while reducing emissions.

The Turnbull Government is disappointed that the United States has notified that it will withdraw from this important international agreement.

Sorry to disagree Ms Bishop, but I don't think anyone can trust the Turnbull Government.  Nor its lightweight celebrity foreign minister.

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