Malcolm Turnbull's webpage tells the story of Malcolm Turnbull's average weighted priorities.
Turnbull's $625,000 Ramadan grant to Basher Houli's program two days after the Basher KO'd Jed Lamb - here's the Turnbull speech


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Political speedbump

Nice pic of Peppermint Pattie practising her "WTF" look when she is in the Dock next year !,

Michelle Two

That doesn't sound good is this the delay??

seeker of truth

Julia Gillard has managed to incoporate mental illness into her speech about John Curtin she delivered at the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library Anniversary Lecture in Perth on 28 June.

At least it was a free lecture.

Up The Workers!

HERS...or HIS???

There are a lot of shonks and cheats still walking around. Too many of them are still in politics.

have we collectivly dropped the ball on Gillard and her cohorts?

John Thomas

She looks good in prison uniform.


Gillard & Curtin both had a connexion to AWU. Curtin dedicated himself to AWU whereas Gillard as the lawyer for AWU did the opposite.


Let the law take its course


Some times people are impatient with government on the way they handle issues

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