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The stench of Craig Thomson, Sam Dastyari, Labor and Sussex Street lingers on

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Craig Thomson ripped off more than $105,000 in cash ATM withdrawals via the HSU credit card. HSU members money also paid for Thomson's prostitutes, dinners, travel - even smokes and firewood.

When he was sprung, no one sprang to the HSU members defence.   The union's members and their interests became an inconvenience for the Labor Party - and Labor went in hard to defend the indefensible Thomson against them.

The Labor Party paid out more than $400,000 in personal debts for legal fees and a defamation settlement paid to Fairfax Media on Thomson's behalf.  Sam Dastyari was the major prime mover in "arranging" the money for his bird-of-a-feather colleague.

Every single member of the House of Representatives in this current Parliament is personally responsible for endorsing Thomson's no-consequences, live-it-up-on-stolen-money lifestyle.   They voted not to punish him for his contempt.  Of us.

Malcolm Turnbull seems to have forgotten about union corruption.  

We haven't.  

The Trade Union Royal Commission told us it would return to Thomson's offending in its second year of taxpayer funded opulence.  It didn't.

We deserve answers as to why it failed to discharge its commission - not only the Thomson matter but the AWU Scandal as well.  More on that soon.

Today, thanks to Pia Akerman and The Australian we learn a bit more about the way smarties like this unspeakable grub stick it up the rest of us.


    Thomson has refused to pay the Fair Work Commission any of the $175,550 as ordered in 2015 by judge Christopher Jessup, who found the former Health Services Union national secretary had used more than $300,000 of HSU funds to pay for prostitutes and his election campaign for the seat of Dobell.

    The industrial watchdog took Thomson back to court this month to seek a formal earnings order withholding a proportion of his wages for the outstanding fine.

    Though Thomson did not appear, Federal Court registrar David Ryan ordered his wife’s company — the Wickerman Group, which employs the former MP as a consultant — to pay the FWC $208.88 a fortnight from his wages, or $5408 a year, as long as Thomson continued to earn more than $839.12 per fortnight.

    Under this arrangement, it will take more than 32 years for the penalty to be repaid.

    The former union boss has also flouted orders to pay the HSU $231,243.42 in compensation and $146,937 interest, raising the prospect that the union may take similar action to ensure payment as it has previously flagged.

    Court documents obtained by The Australian show Thomson is currently earning $37,000 a year with an $11,000 travel allowance, while his wife, Zoe, makes $100,919 including $11,546 of fringe benefits.

    Ms Thomson remains the sole director of the Wickerman Group, named for a 1970s horror movie in which a police officer falls victim to a pagan cult and is burnt alive as a human sacrifice.

    In a statutory declaration sent to the FWC’s lawyers, Thomson says he has not been able to pay any money into his superannuation accounts over the past five years and has liabilities of $575,000 “all as a result of de­fending myself in criminal court matters”.

    Thomson was previously convicted of theft and dishonesty — offences relating to his use of HSU credit cards to pay for escort services, personal travel and expenses — but reduced his conviction to 13 theft charges on appeal.

    He was fined $25,000 and sought a special payment plan to avoid community service or jail.

    Thomson, who did not return calls yesterday, has been working for the Wickerman Group offering advice on migration, government relations and business development.

    He has previously said he would not meet Justice Jessup’s orders and did not care about the HSU’s threat of court action to regain the stolen funds.

    “We’ve said we’ve got no money, we’re not paying it,” he told The Australian last year.

    “It’s a matter for them if they want to spend money on lawyers.”

    According to his latest tax return, he spent one day a week in Canberra during the last financial year, deducting $6045 for travel expenses.

    He is the first parliamentarian to be found guilty of contemptuously misleading the House of Representatives, over his tearful 2012 speech in which he declared he had been the victim of a set-up involving prostitutes by factional enemies.

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