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Trump puts America first, exits Paris agreement - pours a big bucket on Julie Bishop & Saudi Arabia's UN Green Climate Fund

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Turnbull must imagine a future without Trump.  

Like a rocket scientist imagining no gravity. Or a sea captain planning to sail out of port wtih no tides.

Turnbull's approach has been, to say the least counterproductive to Australia's interests.

But it's not like he doesn't understand what President Trump's election means.

He says he understands Trump.  He says he's like Trump.  He says Trump is a deal maker.

Well Turnbull's been busy making deals.

Only with the wrong guy.  

Turnbull took this selfie on 21 November 2016 - just on two weeks after the election result was clear.

And he was still doing deals with Obama.


What a low mongrel Turnbull is to bind us to the Paris bankers money transfer agreement on the day Trump's energy policy was posted last November.

Chairman Mal celebrates the "achievement" of giving our wealth away over climate change

I urge you to put aside the time, without distractions, to absorb the information in this presentation.

I've known Malcolm Roberts for about ten years.  Bob Carter introduced me to the climate facts and as a result I sought out the world's leading experts for interviews about the theory of greenhouse gases and anthropogenic global warming.

I'm yet to meet a person who has dedicated himself as completely as has Malcolm Roberts to the getting of climate data, information, knowledge and wisdom.

Malcolm is a guru himself, but in this 30 minute presentation he invites two of the world's leading authorities on climate to join him in a scary discussion about our CSIRO and the abject lack of any empirical data to support its predictions of climate catastrophe.

This is a critical contribution to our nation's future. 

Even in the face of the data underpinning this presentation and the clarity in pointing out the CSIRO's deficiencies, Turnbull and his acolytes went ahead with this madness.

Smiling, Tweeting, and making Australia weak again.

In light of the Trump victory and his mandate to reverse the climate cultists craziness what the hell is Chairman Mal doing indulging his fantasy at our expense!

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 4.24.19 am

The Australian Government today reaffirmed Australia’s strong commitment to effective global action on climate change with the ratification of both the Paris Agreement on climate change and the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol.

The Paris Agreement and the Doha Amendment, which together formalise Australia’s 2030 and 2020 emissions reduction targets, were tabled in the first sitting week of the new Parliament.  The Joint Standing Committee on Treaties considered National Interest Analyses (NIA), four public hearings and almost 50 submissions before recommending that Australia ratify both treaties.

The negotiation of the Paris Agreement was a turning point in the global transition to a lower emission future.  Australia was one of more than 170 countries to sign the Agreement  when opened for signature at the United Nations in New York in April 2016.

Australia now joins 100 other countries in ratifying the Paris Agreement, which entered into force on 4 November 2016.

Australia has a strong track record on international emissions reduction targets. We beat our first Kyoto target by 128 million tonnes and are on track to meet and beat our second Kyoto 2020 target by 78 million tonnes.

Ratification of the Agreement confirms Australia’s ambitious and responsible target to reduce emissions by 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. This target is comparable with other advanced economies and will halve our per capita emissions making it one of the highest targets in the G20 on that basis.

The Australian Government is working to further reduce emissions.  The Emissions Reduction Fund has contracted 143 million tonnes of emissions reduction and by 2020 nearly a quarter of our electricity will be from renewables.  Already 15 per cent of our households use solar energy, the highest proportion in the world.

Australia’s policy is to meet our international commitments on emission reduction while at the same time maintaining energy security and affordability.


Trump really hammered the UN Green Climate Fund too - now co-chaired by great mates Julie Bishop and Saudi Arabia.

Australia to lead Green Climate Fund Board in 2017, Media release ...
Dec 16, 2016 - The Green Climate Fund is the world's primary fund for addressing climate ... forward to working with incoming co-chair Saudi Arabia in 2017.

Julie Bishop "looking forward" to co-chairing UN Green Fund with ...
Dec 19, 2016 - On Friday, Julie Bishop announced Saudi Arabia and Australia will co-chair the UN'sGreen Climate Fund in 2017. Put to one side the waste of ...


And looks like Adam Bandt's secret weapon ended up being a bit Kim Jong Il! 

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.53.16 am


Sneaky Turnbull signs UN treaty as Trump Govt scraps climate change policies

US Government announces it's scrapping the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan

Main-qimg-f4477a77ebcf13d4e7f616cb10e90f6a-cThis sneaky bastard couldn't wait for just one more day.   Advancing the UN was more important than advancing Australia.

Just as we started learning about new US Government policy on climate crap and cheap energy for her people, the Make Australia Weak Again backward looking Government of Turnbull signed us up for new UN climate treaties out to 2020 and 2030.

The US Government is in transition moving towards the new settings right now.

So much for up with the play Chairman Mal and the Clinton Foundation's pet project Fashionable Julie.

10 November will be remembered as a day of conspicuous treachery from a master of that despicable art Turnbull.


(Bloody hell, we better get Paris and Kyoto signed before they wake up to the Trump policies) 

While backward looking Mal lines up with the IPCC, here's the new policy from the world's leading economy.

President Trump's administration declares

  • Energy is the lifeblood of modern society.
  • Energy is the industry that fuels all other industries.

President Trump will lift the restrictions on American energy.  The US Government will

  • scrap the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan
  • end the war on coal
  • rescind coal mining lease moratoriums
  • rescind the excessive Interior Department stream rule
  • conduct a top-down review of all anti-coal regulations issued by the Obama Administration
  • eliminate the highly invasive "Waters of the US" rule
  • scrap the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan and
  • scrap the Clean Power Plan 
  • prevent these unilateral plans from increasing monthly electric bills

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Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 5.54.07 am