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Turnbull's half-a-trillion tomorrow. Turnbull called Rudd's $200BN debt "frightening". What's yours Mal?

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Labor has more front than Myer criticising anyone over debt.

If Labor was facing Peter Costello and John Howard or a responsible LNP Government Labor's Chris Bowen and Jim Chalmers would be in the foetal position or rocking on their hands making blub blub blub noises.

But Labor isn't facing a responsible government.

It's facing the Government of Turnbull.

In 2009 Turnbull told me Labor's debt of $200BN was "frightening".


Well what's $500 BN Malcolm?

Because that's what we'll hit tomorrow after this tender:

Half a trillion in Federal Government debt.

Labor will make merry with the gimmicks and theatrics - shamelessly.

But there's only one reason they can do that and get away with it.