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Australia's "citizenship law expert" doesn't see a problem with government MPs being loyal to other countries

The Encyclopaedia of Women and Leadership in Australia says Professor Kim Rubenstein is Australia's citizenship law expert.

As in the one and only.

She deserves to be out on her own too, hopefully never to influence important decisions like whether or not our government should be loyal to Australia.

When Sky News asked her about dual citizenship for Australia's parliamentarians, she said:

"Why should we preclude people from sitting in parliament just because they are connected to another country?"

No worries - how about Saudi Arabia, China, Syria or the Islamic State's Caliphate?

And why stop at loyalty to just one other country.  Why not be faithful and bear true allegiance to them all?  

Just another step on the march of the academic fantasists towards one blissful, peaceful world!



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Wayne shaft

Most of their " loyalty" is to the United Nations in any case .😏😒😏😎😎🤑🤑🤑🤑👺👺👺👻


Yet some are quite happy to have a citizen of another country (Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor) as our head of state.


What a fool.

Just wants to get her 15 minutes of fame at what could be our expense should her thoughts be heeded. Imagine infiltration of our parliament with planted operatives or simply one at odds with their own allegiance. Heaven help us all if these lefties gain more control.

D.P.M. BARNABY HALAL JOYCE راية العقاب ☪️

Evidently Islam = Islamic Terrorism..

With friends like abortionist liberals, ravaging wolves among the sheep, amoral, gay Turnbull, Joyce and Shorton why worry about islamic terrorists. To eradicate islamic terrorism you must cut the evil out by the roots in Canberra,,,,

seeker of truth

I wonder if she would hold that view if she was dealing with a native born Chinese or Russian who came over to Australia as a foreign student then became a permanent resident then a citizen then decided to enter Federal politics. While at university he was engaged in student politics and was an outspoken supporter of his native country's policies and still has links to his native country's government.

I think not.

You have to have a blanket ban. You can't be selective as to which dual citizen is eligible to stand for Federal politics else our discrimination laws come into play.

It is bad enough that a person like Sam Dastyari is a mouthpiece for China, let alone a fully fledged member of the Chinese Communist Party having a seat in Parliament.

This 2016 article discloses the Chinese Communist Government's influence in Australia in media, associations, and on university campuses.

Clive Hoskin

So she doesn't think that the law applies to us any more?Who died and made HER God?The last I heard,the LAW applies to all of us.


I'm just wondering how many past politicians had dual citizenship and therefore should have been ineligible to hold a seat in parliament. If there were any, should they still be receiving generous parliamentary pensions and other benefits?


The professor is a fruit loop and should be counseled. Thank God many of us still believe in complete loyalty to our Nation.


Can someone please explain this so-called EXPERT, what the Constitution actually is
Dumb trollip


I think we can finally confirm that the World is being taken over by nutters...

And on another topic...flashed across the TV screen this morning " Energy crisis in Victoriastan...other States will have to help out".

Apparently, those living in Victoriastan are turning on the heaters, and the energy supply is getting a bit wobbly...who would have thought this could happen after you shut down a dirty big coal fired power station and hope that the wind blows...a lot.


Spare me days!!! Yet another expert TWAATT (“thinker” without any ability to think).

“…so much is dependent on the other countries laws to do with citizenship…..”

Wrong, it has nothing to do with other countries. It is all to do with the IQ, common sense and reasoning power of the person who is putting themselves forward for a parliamentary seat.

If the individual, born in another country, does not have the very, very, basic thought processing ability to understand what the fundamental requirement of the position that they are nominating for is and then be able to confirm without a doubt that they meet it then the whole process stops right there.

Any individual who puts themselves forward for a position that requires them to understand sometimes complex information, analyse what the effect of changes to laws or social policy will have on a country and then be expected to put forward a reasoned argument for or against yet is incapable of understanding that they can only hold one citizenship does not deserve to nominate in the first place.

To extrapolate this TWAAT’s opinion further let us (as a western society) do away with driving licenses since I’m sure most of the military age “refugees” flooding into Europe and ultimately into Australia (courtesy of the UNHCR) can probably drive tanks or armoured personnel carriers so a 1977 lemon ford or holden will be easy for them. How multi-cultural of us.

And while on transportation let us also do away with speed limits for trucks since the majority of them are delivering goods to a supermarket or business for customers. What does it matter if a couple of kids get knocked down and killed in a school zone. How economically sensible of us.

Is there a factory out there somewhere producing these twaatts en masse..... oh hang on, bugger me of course that would be those university things. Hey now there's another thought what about appointing some of those overseas edumacated degree holding new arrivals straight into university professorship positions. No need to check their credentials after all they will have certificates and things. Hey Kim when are you retiring?

Dennis Thompson

How can we maintain faith in the secure future of our nation?

Liz of Vic


This is all being discussed now to take the attention away from the possibility that there are many parliamentarians, who have dual citizenship.

We have this rule from the constitution now, all the parliamentarians filled in the nomination-form, which means that they have to check their citizenship.

If they did not fill this in honestly, they have to get out of parliament right now.

I also ask the question, that how is it possible for the prime minister to make the decision that there are no punishments for the two Green Senators who lied on their nomination form.
According to me he cannot make that decision, unless the constitution is changed, which has not been done.

To change the rule, there needs to be a referendum.

Really it is time, that all these parliamentarians produce their documents, as
saying they do not wish to do this, is unacceptable.

The are all out to get as many perks in as they possibly can, well it is beyond time, that they have to prove, that they have the right to be in Parliament for starters.


I imagine (((Kim))) has noticed the avoidance of the issue of foreign allegiances among our politicians includes Jewish politicians of questionable loyalty. She seems to be pulling out a justification effort befoire someone with courage pulls out the Israel factor and asks the right questions. It won't come from the sellouts of the Australian media, obviously.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

A Chinese or Russian student "then became a permanent resident then a citizen then decided to enter Federal politics. While at university he was engaged in student politics and was an outspoken supporter of his native country's policies"

If such a citizen of Australia has "taken reasonable steps to renounce foreign nationality (Sue v Hill (1999) 176 CLR 77)" that citizen appears to be entitled to stand for election and the electors are entitled to elect such a person, without seeking your approval. I would say it is you who is getting close to having a problem with our discrimination laws.

Bikinis not Burkas

What about Sammy the slime, he's loyal to Islam!


She is speaking absolute bullshit , abide by the rules and laws our forefathers laid down or suffer the consequences end of story , everyone is sick and tired of the PC Leftie SJW crowd that get the air time to try and change sound Laws , and for a good reason that they were made in the first place.


The 'dual citizenship' issue raises many questions about 'due process' at the time of nominations of political candidates for election to Federal Parliament/Senate-State Parliament-Local Council. What is the duty of AEC & other authorities. Police background checks?

If Parliamentarians choose to ignore the Australian Constitution by holding dual citizenship then surely they are NOT entitled to be elected to Parliament.

Every MP/Senator in Federal Parliament, State Parliament & Local Council should be investigated & if found to hold dual citizenship then they should be forced to resign & repay all the taxpayer funds they have received (salary/allowances/superannuation), as well as being charged for the offence.

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

Yeah well she is wrong! I have Section 44 which has been used as a door mat by several politicians. Even now I am wsiting for our zprime Minister to tell us he has checked and there are no more chests still sitging in under his watch. I would be almost as happy to read how sevrral Natuonal piblicstions have done exhaustive checks and they can tell us there are only four more politicians to step down because of their obvious conflict with Section 44 of our Constitution. I half expect some other media shitstirer to suggest we haven't a properly constituted Parliament, until we can know every with legal certainty every member is legitimate. It is way over fue for your call Prime Minister. Tell us do we have a government? Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

Australian government is in really big trouble. Yet those in power Shorten Turnbull are still playing in the political sand box. SECTION 44 is straight forward enough. Just why hasen't anyone been checking after each election is called that all candadaites comply thats on all our politicians. Who are after all, known to deal in lies and half truths every day? Why hasent our Prime Minister called today for every nember of Parliament to be vetted for proper compliance. Before this womans opposite number jumps into print and tells readers we can't have a properly constituted Parliament While it is known / beleived some members are sitting there illegally because they have a conflict with Section 44. They are people who are accepted as dealing in lies and half truths yet for decades no one has checked REALLY? Just imagine all those politicians trying to oust Labor not one thought to check the labor supporters in parliament Ludlam eould gave been enough to uck Labor but there were even otherse more Laabor supporters on top of Ludlam. We have clearly being electing fools into both the two parties NOT much preferded. What do you all think about thst We could have got her out years earlier if only one smart legal mind had turned their mind to it, and considered the problem. I know I am.slow and I bet heaps of others Crew members have twenty twenty hindsight like me now. Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

Well Len I think they should all dip out on the pension just like you and I did when it was deanedd this year we were getting too much. But I am sure you know Parliament may forgive debts. You will understand if these mostly shonks and cheats dont have yo pay the money paid back. There is nothing we can do unless you want to start a push to have the law changed and back dated. At the very least we should change so many legislated rorts before they are abused. Trust is abused all the time by our politicians now. Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

We ade drowning in the waste of the incompetent shonks and cheats we have been electing for decades. Again I half expect some other authority to jump into print and tell readers we cant have a legitimate Parliament because there is evidence elections not just the last one, have not been conducted in accordance with our constitution. We pay millions of dollars for the services of the AEC to oversight the conduct of elections. Even I know they ignore perceived law breaking every time they fail to act when complaints are made to polling booth officers about the two parties NOT much preferred putting their campaign material on power poles, without legal permission. Will the Electoral Commissioner be sacked? Dose anyone really care? Im off to look at the list of Order of Australia recipients. Perhaps find some I could write to about the word 'worthy'. Edward James the Dolls House


Luckily, the politicians would never get Section 44 amended by a referendum. So, we will be able to remove some of the deadwood. Two Greens down!

Dennis Thompson

And immediately.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Something fishy is going on Matt Canavan and Larissa Waters are both from Queensland, Ludlam was from WA so he seems to be the odd one out, Malcom Roberts is a big objector to Climate Change and Environmental crap and also from Qld.. so it has something to do with that state others are just getting caught in the process of bringing down the parliament road blocks..
Matt Canavan is a LNP member so one of their own but he is a conservative he was appointed to his portfolio a year ago in July 2016.. On googling it was all about Investments etc.. and not being blocked at the moment Adani is on the minds of Turnbull and the government as it is tied up with a lot of money but it is also tied to the bigger picture of a NWO and UN agenda..
Peter Dutton was just given a sweetner with the Homeland Security portfolio he is from Qld and a conservative within the Turnbull team..

Was Canavan being used as a pawn and the dealing chip with Barnaby Joyce when he was put in the cabinet by Turnbull 3rd link..

Something must be blocking the path of Turnbull and what he wants to achieve there was also a protest about Adani in front of Shorten's office yesterday so it must have to do with Qld and getting rid of trouble to make an easier way around policy so creating chaos within the parliament and the senate.. kill two birds with one stone also get rid of any signs of conservatism.. Who was the lawyer and who is he connected to I wonder that first brought this up when in no other parliament it has been a point of concern for fellow parliamentarians or the press..

I will do an angel message later I just get an awful feeling over why this whole debate has come about the strategy of Turnbull is to always bring about opportunity for a benefit to himself and the wider plan.. collateral damage and ruining the life of others doesn't matter to him as long as he can manipulate the outcome .. The world of a narcissistic ego driven soul is not pretty when he/she has their mind set on an end goal..
A federal cabinet minister has hit out at the absurdity of a colleague’s Italian citizenship plight, and used North Korea to make his point.

Christopher Pyne was defending senator Matt Canavan, who has resigned from his ministerial duties after discovering his mother registered him when he was 25, without him have to sign an application form.

“On that basis Kim Jong-un could make us all citizens of North Korea and we’d all have to resign,” Mr Pyne told Nine Network today. He jokingly insisted he would reject it.

“I don’t like Pyongyang.”

Mr Pyne, a fifth-generation Australian, also criticised the Italian citizenship processes.
"I hope that the three ministers will work together to ensure that barriers to investment in the sector be removed wherever possible to ensure that the significant revenue and jobs from the sector continue to flow."

Other Queenslanders in the third Turnbull ministry included Cabinet members Steven Ciobo (Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment), Senator George Brandis (Attorney-General) and Peter Dutton (Minister for Immigration and Border Protection).
It was the phone call that changed Matt Canavan's life.

In 2010, the trained economist was working for the Productivity Commission, the federal government's independent, economically dry think-tank.

Sick of sitting on the sidelines of the big policy debates, he cold-called Tony Abbott, then the leader of the opposition, and asked for a job.

Abbott didn't need an economist. But Barnaby Joyce, who had endured a tumultuous stint as shadow finance minister, had an opening. So Canavan, previously a member of the Liberal Party, went to work for the outspoken Nationals senator.

After a little more than three years as Joyce's chief-of-staff, he was elected to the Senate. Now, after just two years in Parliament, the Queenslander has shot into Cabinet as the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia. The 35-year old's ascent through the National Party was as speedy as it was surprising.

"I come into the Nationals partyroom not as your typical National Party senator," he said in his maiden speech in July 2014.

"I am not a farmer and I am not a small businessman . . . It is an unusual path to travel from the Productivity Commission to the National Party."


Australian Law is paramount but Islamics can lie. They can ostensibly, renounce what ever country they hail from and take Australian citizenship, stand for Parliament, obtain a majority and institute whatever Laws they like. Wake up Australia! We're being conned.

seeker of truth

Not if those Chinese and Russians are still agents of a foreign power. We have spies from foreign powers in our country. People do lie you know.

"ASIO says espionage in Australia 'extensive, unrelenting, increasingly sophisticated'

Domestic spy agency ASIO has warned espionage and foreign interference in Australia is "extensive and unrelenting", and poses as great a threat to national security as terrorism.

Appearing before the Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, ASIO's acting director of security, Heather Cook, said while terrorism occupied most of the agency's time, the threat posed by spies was "extreme" because it is happening now."

"...."They try to influence our polity, bureaucracy and civil society ... and clandestinely interfere in Australia's affairs," Ms Cook said."

seeker of truth

We've been too trusting that those wanting to enter politics would do to do the right thing.

Their completion of the forms seeking nomination puts the onus on them to be doing the right thing.

Pegasus entered into an argument the other day about the "statutory obligation" for Neal as a government official to seek evidence that there was a pre-incorporation association in existence. From these nomination forms and Section 44 fiasco, there is no statutory obligation for the AEC to go beyond his duties in the AEC Act and seek evidence of renunciation of a citizenship of another country, and it was the case with Neal.

It is now a situation where the AEC Act has to be amended to take into account this situation and for the Commissioner to seek evidence of renunciation accompanying any nomination form. Unless it is there in black and white, officials can't make up their own rules and give themselves duties that are not legislated.

It is a sad state in our society that we can no longer trust people to do the right thing and we can no longer rely on the honesty of people seeking public office and while they are in public office.

Charlie Foxtrot

I think this the perfect time to get a bill passed through parliament to have dual citizenship surrendered by those who want to be Australian.
One or the other no buts mate.

Michelle Two

Seems our birth countries and ethnicity is running into all sorts of problems..
A Victorian Labor MP has reportedly been blocked from entering the United States after he was stopped at an airport immigration check.

The Herald Sun reports upper house MP Khalil Eideh had a valid visa for the US, but was stopped at an airport while on a study tour with fellow MPs.

A Labor spokesman says the government is investigating but could not confirm if Mr Eideh had been detained.
Khalil Eideh (born 8 November 1954) is an Australian politician, for the state of Victoria. Born in Tripoli in Lebanon, he later migrated to Australia, where he became a mail officer with Australia Post (1975–79). From 1987 to 2006 he was the Managing Director of Bluestar Logistics Freight Company. He received the Centenary Medal for service to the community and transport in 2001, the Award for Excellence in Multicultural Affairs in 2005, and has also been appointed a Harmony Day Ambassador. In 2006, he was elected to the Victorian Legislative Council as a Labor member for Western Metropolitan Region.

He has served on a number of Committees with the Parliament of Victoria and now serves as an Acting President of the Legislative Council. Khalil is a supporter of the Essendon Football Club.[1]

Michelle Two

What a great song .. and message in it and the marxists in society want to destroy all cultures and the camaraderie of what Australia stands for...

Wayne shaft

Ahhh .. the voice of the ABC is heard on our blog! 👽👽👽🐸🐸🐸


Something's got to be done about the law. The problem was when Parliament started allowing multiple citizenships. Once, when you took on Australian citizenship, you renounced all others in the process of doing so. And if you took on another citizenship, bye bye to your Australian citizenship. First, bring that law back, so there is a presumption of renunciation of other loyalties in every naturalised Australian, and native born Australians are presumed to be Australian until they choose otherwise. And, while we're at it, scrap this multiple nationality nonsense.

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

Yes I recall pegasus writing that point. When we were growing up our parents drummed into us certain values. Most of us are still influenced by our upbringing. Thank god it requires a referendum to change Section 44. I agree with you that won't happen. As for the AEC Act what a toothless tiger that is. And so expensive for results which we now know are like so many of our politicians not to be trusted. Section 44 has served us well for 116 years. Now we are seeing some honourable resignations Ludlam (well sort of) and others who are showing signs of pleading ignorance. Bet they will try and bill taxpayers for their legal cost. My bookseller gave me a workout after I mentioned how easy it may have been to oust Labor if someone had raised Ludlam back then. How so? he asked. Well Ludlam was warned by a petition says I. Bulshit says he, prove it. Well of course I could not prove it then and there. He wiped the floor with me. He having just finished reading almost a page on the subject in the Australian, pages one and six. He had me at a loss. As while I had bought the paper I had not actually read it. Anyway He still gave me a good discount on the second hand books (after our somewhat heated political discussion) I had selected... One of which is An introduction to the Australian Constitution, second edition P H Lane. I may well be pricing a copy of our Constitution for my self very soon, because I dont like misleading readers, when the correct answers are out there to be promulgated. Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

The "grid" has always been borderless. But it comes at a price. Who remembers ENRON tge movie whdr the selling of power futures made some people millionaires and eventually collapsed in debts. We are living something simmilar with dumb politicians selling off our resiurces and suplly infrastructure so private corporations would look after us. Gee they are doing a grand job. Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

We ade dreamers Dennis Thomson anything is possible. We a can dream the good life. While continuing to vote ohrselves lives of crap. Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

Could you write some more about the people with Israel connections let us know what you know in detail. Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

Ysah I know Penguinite. Edward James the Dolls House

Failed politicians are standing again .Why vote for them?

The government's of the world are being tied in knots by activist wifh self intefest in mind. Edward James tge Dolls House


Well, our politicians having multi-citizenship would be a great thing for globalisation wouldn't it?, isn't that what everyone who voted for Turnbull wants?

seeker of truth

Hi Eddie, put this link on your phone and flash it to the bookseller next time you see him. That Petition for Ludlam to produce his NZ citizenship renunciation document was on

The link -

seeker of truth

For those being caught up in Trump's entry crackdown into the US, doesn't it depend on which passport you present at the border? People who are dual citizens have two passports so this Victorian politician could have been travelling on his Lebanese passport. The other situation is that many people born overseas and living in Australia, only take up permanent residency and not the next step of being a naturalised Australian citizen. Travelling on this permanent residency visa plus the passport from the old country would also create entry problems into the US if your native country is one of those banned Middle Eastern/terrorist countries. You can't have the best of both worlds when a country's security is at stake.


Values that the young follow [today], are found in Facebook and Twitter. Heaven help us! Society is rooted! ...and, self-serving politicians, e.g. Pyne & Marles have there own show on SkyNews. What a joke!

"The Global Serf"


If people want to get a good focus & fix as to why & how the Liberal Party has & is going haywire & "Off the Rails".... then consider this.

A large proportion of the now (captured) Liberal Party & (no doubt Labor) is the fact that they are now both inhabited by a lot of Ex Staffers (who get preferential treatment for Pre Selection for Elections) & against & over a lot of the more sensible & conservatives Candidates.

& you may also get some other embedded Foreign(infected &) Sponsored activists & other vested interest imbedded in there & the other usual fringes of the left-leaning type,
& a new line up of the ..... thoroughly Un Australian "Ilk".

Many of these Ex Staffers come straight out of University & many with little or no practical experience of how the Real World Works & unfortunately they are joined by Lobbyists & PR People & others who "Man the Phones", & the certain "spin-doctor"(types) who's job it is to dig up dirt & try to interpret how things can be turned (they think) to the Parties favour !

Be careful when voting for what you actually get! ... it may be someone totally at odds to the way you may be thinking !

....... (Be Warned) ! .... Both these Organisations are (despite what they try to say) are now tainted & rotten !

Don't Think So ?

Then just take a good hard look at what is now being shovelled up,... to a lot of you !

"The Global Serf"

2 Glenn,

Its these type of people doing this, who are definitely divorced from reality..... & are quite mad !

Are these Dangerous Fools still trying to defy reality & make people suffer from their utter stupidity ?
.... also are they (incredibly), trying to run down Coal-Fired Electrical Generation facilities ... in an attempt to try to force through & impose more & more of their induced lunacy of
(so called) "alternatives" ?

Went past "The Lake George Wind Farm" (NSW) the other day & guess what... no Wind ! just dead calm ...result ! no turbines turning at all ! (& there are tons of them just sitting there like monuments to the absurd stupidity of Politicians & others) !

......How dare the wind not blow !

Time For a Strong Backlash all of this unworkable utter & idiotic induced stupidity !

Even heard the other day some news that (somehow) dribbled through, that NASA has come out (after years of research & exacting data) has found that Sea Levels are actually dropping slightly !

No mention or coverage from large outlets of the rotten corrupt & compromised "OZ" MSM ! though ..... nothing !

"We"...Can't have that sort of stuff getting out to a lot of people can...... "We" ?


Universities? ...of today? Just [new] 'Marxist churnpits'! e.g. Berkeley, California. No life experience, they become staffers to current politicians, and get on the gravy train. So, on their way to destroying Australia.

P.S. Google it, but you won't find anything...I have used the term for the first time.

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