Not sorry Craig Thomson's original explanation about those big nights out
Trump plays the media. Like a violin. Magnificent.

Chairman Mal bots a lift on "Sensible Centre" Macron's plane

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 2.26.07 pm


Emmanuel and Mal are on the way to the new submarine centre, cosy together in Manny's plane.  

Just as well it wasn't Bronnie Bishop who scabbed a lift.  With the mob who just won a few billions in taxpayer funded contracts.

The Chairman likes Manny.  Says he's from the Sensible Centre.

Do you think that's compared to, say, Tony Abbott?

Chairman Mal's "sensible" is different from mine.

Macron's policies includes:

  • Similar to Merkel on "refugees" - France to "take its share"
  • All 18-year-olds to get a 500 euro "culture pass" for spending on cinema, theater and concert tickets.
  • Free accommodation centres for returning Islamic State fighters, in an attempt to rehabilitate some of those willing to re-integrate into society.
  • Halve number of early primary school pupils to 12 per class 
  • No ban on Muslim veil for university students
  • Asylum requests processed within six months


WhileBob and Carol and Ted and Alice Turnbull/Macron sip champers on the Falcon from Germany, Merkel/Macron's policy disaster plays out below for the poor bastards who have to live with the consequences of  "Sensible Centre" politics.