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Compare and contrast Cardinal Pell's walk of shame to court for the cameras with the treatment afforded politicians

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I have never seen a media scrum like the mob that absorbed Cardinal Pell this morning - thanks to Bill Thompson for this extraordinary footage.

Cardinal Pell is an innocent man currently in the same evidentiary position as Bill Shorten.

Each man has been accused of sexual assault.  Both Shorten and Pell deny the allegations.

While Shorten's word was accepted over the word of his accuser, Cardinal Pell's explanations weren't.

While both Pell and Shorten's briefs of evidence were returned to Victoria Police by the state's OPP with no recommendation that either face charges, Victoria Police chose to let Shorten walk but to put Cardinal Pell before the court.

Cardinal Pell is one of The Vatican's most senior people.  

We recognise and have diplomatic relations with The Vatican.    Our authorities normally go out of their way to ensure a dignified and safe passage through public places for people like the Pope and his direct reports .  

The Daniels/CFMEU Government apparently doesn't give a rats about that.  

Today Andrews et al got what they wanted - Cardinal Pell doing the walk of shame.

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Even Peter Slipper was given the back door key pass to the court in Sydney.

What chance a fair trial for the Cardinal if today's spectacle is anything to go by.