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Congratulations Tony Abbott, Jim Molan and democracy supporters in the Liberal Party

The factions that Malcolm Turnbull argued don't exist have been stared down by Tony Abbott and team.


And here's Malcolm Turnbull in the raw.

Newly installed back-room-deal PM lectures NSW Libs about backroom deals. They laughed. Loudly.

In this short clip, newly installed Prime Minister Turnbull courteously delivered 3 pieces of what seemed to be news to the NSW Liberal Party.

  • We are not run by factions
  • We are not run by big business
  • We are not run by back room deals

There was something about the first 12 excruciating seconds of being laughed at that Malcolm missed.

Leaders either back up controversial statements or graciously accept a hostile audience's feedback.

First Turnbull tried to wave the laughter away.   Then, as if he was desperate to prove suspicions about his arrogance, he said "You may dispute that, but I can tell you from experience, we're not run by factions".

The message was received loud and clear.    Malcolm knows things other people don't.    Malcolm has experience beyond the reach of mortals.  And Malcolm doesn't need  feedback from you lot thank you very much.

He lost them at "I can tell you from experience we're not..." but Chairman Mal's arrogance dial was set to 11 and he ploughed on.

The former Chairman of Goldman Sachs told the newsagents and chemists their party was not run by big business.   That changed the mood from mockery to something much darker.   Even Malcolm felt it, right in the nose (about 20 seconds in)

Why on earth did he bother proceeding to point 3?   

Just weeks after stitching up a backroom deal befitting a factional-number-crunching-merchant-banker-from-the-big-end-of-town, the deal-personified told them their Party was not run by this sort of rubbish (courtesy of the Australian Financial Review)

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.03.38 amScreen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.03.55 amScreen Shot 2015-10-10 at 10.04.14 am

Chairman Mal's party relies on the ideas, and the energy and the enterprise of its membership.

That would be the people right there Mal, right in front of you.