Who Dares Wins. Last stand - British SAS troop out of ammo defeats Islamists, drowns one Muslim in puddle.
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Correcting the record on the life and memory of the late Blaine Flower Diddams MG


My post yesterday about the late Blaine Flower Diddams MG didn't come close to doing his memory justice.

I wrote yesterday of the "Muslim" enemy in Afghanistan.

One of Blaine's friends was kind enough to get in touch with me this morning to let me know that neither Blaine nor his family would characterise the enemy which killed him that way.

I've removed the offending reference and apologised to the Diddams family for associating it with Blaine's memory. 

I've also been exchanging messages with one of Blaine's close friends this morning.  

"Blaine wasn't fighting for king or country or any ideology, he was fighting for the guys right alongside him", his mate said.  

"He died living the SAS motto Who Dares Wins.   He died helping to secure the safety of those he was leading".

"Blaine was above it (discussion of religion in the context of the Afghanistan campaign) and professional in every way. He'd have said he was fighting insurgents and the Taliban. Not all Muslims are bad, just like not all Catholics are bad.  Most Muslims just want to send their kids to school and get an education and move forward along their life journey, I know that was also what Blaine was simply trying to do".

Blaine's mate suggested I write about the complicated, eccentric, professional, funny brave man he was. A man who was interested in all cultures and life.  A man who loved living and lived it on the edge.  And a man who was a supreme warrior.

Blaine's family want to remember him that way too.

They want people to reflect on 5 years without one of the biggest characters you could imagine.

And they want Australians to know how much they miss him.

I'd like us all to think about the Diddams family's sacrifice and their loss.


Lest We Forget.