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While mainstream talks Putin/Trump body language - Putin talks Christianity and the decay of the West

Gillard proves Richo's point - she just doesn't get it.


Julia Gillard still doesn't come within cooee of getting it.

I didn't see reports that said she'd tried to diagnose Trump.  And that's not the issue.

Her stupidity was in giving any sort of opinion about Trump's mental state at all.  

She was asked a question about whether Trump " is suffering some sort of mental illness".

She couldn't help herself.  

She proves she knew what she was doing by the way she dressed her sledge up and made it appear politically correct.

  • she'd worry about anyone using "mentally ill" as an insult
  • she's not personally using mental illness as an insult
  • some question Trump's mental health out of "genuine concern" - Gillard's with them

She paused further to add the all-care-no-responsiblity indemnifying statements while mulling the kill shot:

  • It's difficult to judge his mental health from the outside
  • she hasn't met him personally
  • she's not a health professional
  • there is a need for some caution here

Then a further qualifier to give her another out  "....if President Trump continues with some of the tweeting, et cetera" (ie everything)

And finally the killer:

"...this will be in the dialogue."

What will be in the dialogue again?  

The question was whether Trump " is suffering some sort of mental illness".

A commercial chair would have left that for the keeper. 

Gillard could see it was better left unsaid - she didn't want a quote with mental illness and Trump to come bouncing back at her which is why her sledge is phrased the way it is.

But she said it because that's who she is.

Richo, nailed her before her tweet.

“She just doesn’t get it,” he told Sky News’ Bolt Report. “If you become the boss of Beyondblue, what she’s just been saying is the last thing she should say. I’d have thought she just proved that the inadequacy that was so obvious when she was Prime Minister is still there.”

It's the people who let Gillard infect their organisation who need their heads read.