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Halal Certification Head says Australian women need Muslim men to f**** them - it's a Muslim man's duty

Mohamed Elmouelhy is currently milking Australians through his privately owned Halal tax-collecting Certification Authority.

But getting you at the check-out isn't enough for Mohamed The Man.

He thinks Australian women need him and his mates to "f****" them (he used an F word in the post below which has creep-out power way beyond any Anglo-Saxon expletive).

"Australian women need us (Muslim men) to fertilise them - Muslims have a duty to make your women happy"



What a whacky zany funster is Mohamed.

Lead item on his Facebook page this morning is Halal Sam's video.


His Facebook page is replete with reference to Israel as Pissrael, Australians as cockroaches (who he tries to squash) and whacky, zany funster Muslims who just want to have a laugh.

Like the decidedly unfunny Jalal brothers.

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