Best Bill editorial since "Shorten's knowledge of money comes from marrying it"
Greens citizenship dramas all fun and games until someone gets a Minister knocked out

Julie Bishop out-leftys Bill Shorten on income inequality and wealth redistribution

Great minds think alike, apparently lesser ones too.

Bill Shorten on Twitter today promoting the Guardian promoting Bill Shorten

Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings for you Bill - but fellow-lefty-traveller Julie Bishop beat you to the inequality/wealth-redistribution/evenly-sharing-out-other-people's-money thing 5 months ago.

Bill, Julie Bishop's out-leftied you! 


Julie Bishop's Goldman Sachs speech - she LOVES globalisation, international law bodies and redistributing wealth

Our Julie is very proud of her keynote address to open the Goldman Sachs Global Conference.

The Foreign Minister spoke to the firm formerly led by the Prime Minister about globalisation, redistributing wealth, the importance of global lawmaking bodies, the worry of Brexit and the 'challenges' posed by the election of President Trump. 

But she's conservative, a plain speaker and loyal (to Goldmans, the UN, Malcolm, the Clintons et al) as the day is long!


Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 8.04.53 pm


A bit spooky that we too knocked off a Wolf of Wall Street free promo photo to illustrate our story 5 months ago - Julie fits in there very nicely lecturing other people on how she plans to give their money away.