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Justin Trudeau apologises and pays $10M compo to Al Quaida bomb-maker who admitted to killing US Medic



Meet Canada's newest multi-millionaire.


Omar Khadr.

Khadr murdered US Army medic Christopher Speer with a grenade.

At 15 he was apprenticed into the family's bomb-making business to kill infidels.

He's on video building improvised explosive devices - the same gutless bombs that have killed and maimed Australian troops.

After he was captured on the battlefield, he went to the same enemy combatant prison as every other Al Qaida killer - Guantanamo Bay.  

Now Justin Trudeau is reportedly giving this convicted terrorist a $10 million compensation package – and apologising to him.

Omar Khadr took the life of a husband and a father, and now Trudeau's Leftist  government wants to reward him.

Khadr is only alive today because of the medical treatment he received from US forces after killing one of their comrades, and now, thanks to Justin Trudeau, he will be one of the wealthiest men in Canada.

This is wrong.

Admitting to working with the same terrorist organisation that killed Canadians on September 11th doesn’t deserve an official apology from the Government of Canada.

Killing Canada's allies doesn’t deserve a $10 million pay day courtesy of the taxpayers of Canada.

Tell Justin Trudeau - no multi-million dollar payouts to terrorists!

(Much of the text above came courtesy of Canada's Conservative party which is running a petition seeking the decision be reversed here)