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Mad Dog Mattis puts a hold on plans for transgender people in the US armed forces

Just over a year ago we reported on the ADF members who went to a transgender chin-wag in Washington DC - courtesy of Australian taxpayers.


The conference was being held because back then in the Obama era it was full steam ahead to full gender versatility in the US forces.

The Department of Defense has put all its staff through the training programs.  All the policies and procedures have been written, tested, approved and ready for action.

Everything was on track for the implementation date of 31 July this year.

Until last week.  And Mad Dog Mattis taking an interest.

He's put it all on hold for at least six months.  And asked his service chiefs to show him how US Defense Forces will improve their lethality as a result of the accession.

I'd be tipping that if Jim isn't convinced the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines will be deadlier with the inclusion of transgender people - there'll be no inclusion of transgender people forthcoming.

All the bullshit in the world about the essential goal of diversity without which the forces will never achieve their potential has been turned on its head by a war weary general asking the right questions.  Prove it.  Prove it makes us a more lethal killing machine.

Good on you General.

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