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Nick Xenophon reaches top tier in Australia's new Parlous Parliamentary System of Government

The Westminster System served Australia well.

It withstood Rudd, weathered Gillard and was getting its breath back as Tony Abbott turned the switch from vaudeville to boring.

Then The Chairman and Sideshow Julie delivered the coup de grace.

Ever since it's been out with the old and in with the new.

Conservative rectitude replaced by innovation and an expensive ideas boom.

There's only one word to describe our new Parliamentary System.


The Parlous Parliamentary System of Government.

The most highly valued parlous parliamentary product is "The Zinger".

It's a Turnbull and Twitter-friendly snappy line with a high Dastyari score.

Better than good legislation.  Inestimably superior to outcomes.  And likely to draw a crowd of onlookers when found.

Nick Xenophon polished one up today and has just sent it viral.

"Tony Abbott is a pain in the arse".

It'll be all over the news tonight and tomorrow.

Shame about the state of the country.


Within minutes it was dominating Google etc.