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One year since Chairman Mal's bizarre election night spray - mesmerising in its extreme awfulness



Turnbull's speech is mesmerising in its cringey awfulness.

Not a hint of magnanimity.   Not a skerrick of remorse or responsibility for the carnage.  A repudiation of the voters who according to Turnbull were gullible and easily misled.  Turnbull even talks about his predecessor.......John Howard omitting Tony Abbott completely.

 And from the man who is not anti-union, not going to war with unions, who didn't raise the issue of honesty or systematic union/Labor lies during the campaign because of the personal damage he might cop in return - a thumping allegation of criminal behaviour on Labor's part over the misleading elements of the Medicare campaign.   He uses Labor's dishonesty to excuse his failure after the event - if he had the courage to campaign on that issue he may not have failed so dismally in the first place.

As Jeff Kennett and Alan Jones said before Turnbull spoke - a speech on a night like this one should keep the troops' optimism levels up, thank those who need to be thanked, admit  you weren't where you want to be, take responsibility to work harder and invite everyone to go home rest up and be ready to front for work refreshed next week.

Wow.   In that context here's the Chairman in full nasty flight.

By the time he spoke Turnbull's party had already gone to the police over Labor's Medicare campaign.   But seriously , what did he expect from his friends in Labor?  He'd effectively green-lighted Labor's MO by remaining silent on the vast array of corrupt and dishonest union/Labor stories from the TURC in general and Shorten's past in particular.

His passions on Labor's dishonesty were only raised to excuse his own failure - not to provide leadership towards a better way.  Disgraceful.

And this is why last night had to happen, in the world according to Chairman Mal.